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Topic: looking for partner for edmonton

Author: hulksmash Original Message Posted: Apr 6 2011 6:37PM

Hi i'm sean a new fooser in saskatoon, and i have recently lost my partner for the edmonton. If anyone is looking for a partner i can play both def and off fairly well and will be at the tournament thurs night to sunday.

Author: JeremyR Reply #1 Posted: Apr 6 2011 7:08PM

Thought Matt was going to play with you or has he backed out now too?

Author: Mstraw Reply #2 Posted: Apr 7 2011 3:39PM

Jeremy- I was going to play with Sean, thinking my buddy Paul was out. But he's going, so we'r on. Don't worry, me and Paul will rip you and hack up, too
cya tonight

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Apr 7 2011 3:42PM

Any Edmonton Am's looking for partners? Dan, Christof, Ray?

Author: melanoir Reply #4 Posted: Apr 8 2011 10:23AM

me and ray are doing am doubles

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