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Topic: Fireball Registration Update

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Apr 8 2011 1:49PM

Total Registrations received: 72
Rank breakdown:
Beginner: 18
Amatuer: 23
Expert: 11
Pro: 10
Master: 10

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Apr 8 2011 1:54PM

Total Event Prize money:

For that calculation I have all 72 players playing in all eligible events. Beginners would pay $40 for 4 events, Am's $80 for 4 events, Experts $60 for 2 events, Pro's $80 for 2 events, and Masters $100 for 2 events. I also added in $10 per person for the Thursday Night DYP.

I would venture a guess that we will have at least 5-10 more ranked players show up that didn't email me saying they were coming, and I would guess that we will have at least 10-20 players sign up in the mall in the days leading up to the tournament.

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Apr 8 2011 2:00PM

I would like to issue an apology in advance. I announced on my flyer that I would be giving away 1 Tournament Ball with each registration. Unfortunately I can not do that as I will not be receiving enough Fireball ball's to cover that promise.

Author: Cyborg Reply #3 Posted: Apr 11 2011 2:28PM

But I get one right?

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