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Author: Will Original Message Posted: Apr 8 2011 7:48PM

The EFL is proud announce a new Foosball location in Edmonton!

Just in time for the WEM Tournament, Sherlock Holmes Pub in Bourbon Street, West Edmonton Mall!

All players registered in the Alberta Fireball Provincials will receive happy hour prices at the pub.

Tornado T-3000 table on location.

Author: S. Wilkins Reply #1 Posted: Apr 9 2011 1:35PM

That so awesome! Good job guys!

Author: C.A.L. Reply #2 Posted: Apr 9 2011 3:02PM

Will that is a quiet step in the right direction , taking out a lousy operated table and put in a PRO maintained unit.

...They won't know the diff... until the northwest players start showing up

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