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Topic: Free Inside Foos Live-Streaming from WEM tourney

Author: van_can_foos Original Message Posted: Apr 13 2011 4:10PM

Author: Superfly Reply #1 Posted: Apr 13 2011 4:50PM

Will be watching after the Nucks game. Gonna try and win me a trivia question for some Inside Foos DVD's .

Author: foosghost Reply #2 Posted: Apr 16 2011 6:47PM

Bump. For those (like me) that missed it the first time

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #3 Posted: Apr 16 2011 8:50PM

Earl and John were so thrilled about this live stream last night that today I turned it on today.

Thankfully, Kevin Martin and Kevin Koe were battling it out on CBC or I would have been bored out of my mind.

Author: Superfly Reply #4 Posted: Apr 16 2011 8:56PM

What's a Kevin Martin and a Kevin Koe, and why would CBC have them on? Oh, i saw Dunner come back from down two games against Justin ... something which apparently you weren't able to do .

Author: The Next One. Reply #5 Posted: Apr 17 2011 4:45AM

i turned it on today for the first time and got matt b and tuan going at it, i seen the last 2 games.

tuan seemed to owned matts 5 row, but matt seemed to get the breaks the last 2 games and showed pois.

matt edged tuan out for forth or better.

Author: Superfly Reply #6 Posted: Apr 17 2011 12:09PM

Just watched the last 4 or 5 balls of game 3 Ramjag vs Dunn. Ramjag 5-4 5-4 5-4 Kings seat.

Author: Viper Reply #7 Posted: Apr 17 2011 8:28PM

Me and tuan are playing in the od finals in about 45 minutes

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #8 Posted: Apr 17 2011 8:30PM

I have so many good responses to Brundlefly's post #4. However, politeness prevents me from posting them here.

Author: Desmond Reply #9 Posted: Apr 17 2011 10:20PM

Congrats to Joey Ramjag for winning open singles.

Congrats to Will Stranks and Matt Botros for winning open doubles.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #10 Posted: Apr 17 2011 10:40PM

Congrats to Tuan and Craig for missing there flight

Author: Bush Doctor Reply #11 Posted: Apr 17 2011 10:49PM

who got 3rd in open doubles?

Author: spinner Reply #12 Posted: Apr 18 2011 1:12AM

Thanks Simon.. It sucks being stuck in hick town for another night.
I kinda wish i gave you or Goodman the bye instead cause i sucked as in the finals... I must blew up all my gas getting there. And the table seem so high (maybe was raise or just picked the wrong side) couldnt do nothing!!

Author: spinner Reply #13 Posted: Apr 18 2011 2:02AM

feels worst then trying to learn how to play at a tournament. For my game the fireball table was awful.

I cant tic tac on or catch a pass on it (the bar so light that there is no feeling when tic tacking so ball wont go straight and if i could execute the pass the ball would just bounce off ) So there goes my five and two bar series. But it is very good for the brusher but the problem is i dont know how to brush.

Dont know if the floor or the table surface was warped but the tables were different heights. On the lower tables my three bar was the best ive ever felt but on the higher table was a struggle to execute. Guess its my problem for being too short.

Mitch if your out there..THANKS FOR YOUR FIVE BAR DEFENSE! One of the main reason i got back to the final in doubles. Wish my earlier B side games were on video, you would be proud.

Author: Darcy Reply #14 Posted: Apr 18 2011 8:51AM

I thought the table played really well after a few hours of adjustment. There's always room for improvement and I agree that Tornado is the standard that all tables should strive for but the Fireball is doing some very good things and I would definitely play another tournament on it.

That being said, Tuan you had a great tournament man, I enjoyed watching you play. I hope to see you out to the next one.

Congrats to all of the winners. Matt/Will you guys played like champs in the finals, it was fun to watch. I'm sorry I didn't get to see Joey's Final but I heard it from across the mall anyway.

Author: Bush Doctor Reply #15 Posted: Apr 18 2011 10:09AM

The Tornado table radiates the feel of the ball through the man, down the rod to the handle , all the way up the arm. the ball travel feel and speed is perfect. No other table even comes CLOSE!
I found it felt like trying to play with a ping pong ball ( so light and seemed to have weird rolls in around the five bar area, near the walls) too bad we coudlnt use the real fireball ball. maybe when the improved fireball comes out again, it might feel better.i think the ball should be a little heavier.I found you could shoot either shot pretty good (pull/snake)The more foos you play,the easier it is to adjust, in most cases.
And NO more Arm Wrestling 3 weeks before a tournament for me! Ive got to be the most dumbmest injury prone foosball player out there!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #16 Posted: Apr 18 2011 10:29AM

Hey Ivor,

You played really well this weekend and you should be happy with 8th. Thats pretty good out of a field of 66 players.

Author: Bush Doctor Reply #17 Posted: Apr 18 2011 1:08PM

we both finished at 7.5 place LOL,
ps, im older than you so i get 7th , you get 8th!

Author: spinner Reply #18 Posted: Apr 18 2011 2:11PM

Thanks Darcy. I play the style i do cause its fun for me, but when table takes it away then the game becomes not fun and frustrating so i rather be at home.

Well put on Tornado table Ivor but i have to disagree that you can hit a nice pull shot on Fireball. I think Simon was the only one that can hit nice pulls and most of the rest cant put any snap on it.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #19 Posted: Apr 18 2011 4:25PM

Tuan, you're right,the table was higher in the pits than on the main floor.Thanks for the tips,both you and Craig.
You guys are first rate foosballers!!

Author: foosMEISTER Reply #20 Posted: Apr 18 2011 6:58PM

Warning! Long post!! (but ...hey.. I only post about once a year)

I fear that the following will sound like I do not like the table, but in fact I think it has LOTS of potential. It was very solid, the brushes felt far better than any other table in recent memory, and I suspect Mitch would love the feel for pins. In fact, I'm not even complaining, as overall I had a good time and wouldn't hesitate to play on the tables again.

BUT...I have to agree that the table did not favour pulls. I should know. I had to shoot at least 100 of them to get through every match in forward shootout. Every time I hit one or two decent shots and started to feel like I was getting a feel for it, I would misshit some by at least two inches.

But don't take my word for it.... Joey resorted to shooting very few pull shots and agreed with just about everything I just wrote. (Oddly enough, he also agreed that it was far easier to control the push and pushkicks compared to pulls and pull-kicks. I shot a lot more push/push-kicks from the back than ever before.) There were numerous others like Andy who also struggled with pulls. I'm pretty sure that Craig will agree too, since he was shooting all kinds of offspeed open handed pulls from the back (I think I may have suggested this....I'll take credit anyways...too bad I figured that out too late to help myself!)

In the long run, it MIGHT just be a matter of adjusting to the table. However, I consider myself fairly good at adjusting and after two days the main way of adjusting seemed to be to shoot something else! I was not yet ANY more consistent at square pulls, and it took me till Sunday afternoon to figure out a way to shoot a spray pull from the back. I still had way to little little control over where it went(most attempts at long went anywhere from 2-6 inches too far), but at least I felt I could clear reasonably well.

There were lots of guesses as to why pulls were difficult, but (unfortunately)I have no suggestions as to how the "pull-shot issue" could be "fixed".

Author: spinner Reply #21 Posted: Apr 18 2011 7:26PM

Yes good for the brusher and roll over but bad for tic tac and pull shot.
Yes potential but has to be good as or better then Tornado to do well in america. I personally like Dynamo better. Dynamo is great table when you think of it.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #22 Posted: Apr 18 2011 8:07PM

Dynamo is a superior product.Little or no slop.Very smooth.Brush passes or tic tac are doable.The handles were a soft rubber,which made playing for long periods
of time much easier.Quite simply,the table played true.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #23 Posted: Apr 18 2011 8:41PM

Pull shots were fine. You just need to use the CLAW !

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