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Author: Chris.K Original Message Posted: Apr 18 2011 11:53AM

Just wanted to thank the organizers for the Fireball Tournament. I personally had a great time, Learned alot and even got to get my ass kicked by Erik Dunn.

It takes a TUN of work to put on a tournament like that and I just wanted to thank everyone involved in putting this one on. You guys Rock!

Author: Linda Reply #1 Posted: Apr 18 2011 12:01PM

I second that. Great job to all those involved. Loved the venue. Ran pretty smoothly and it was great to have Insidefoos there. Cool having lots of random spectators and drop ins. Got some good press coverage too (Edmonton sun video was cool haha)

I gotta say favorite part of the entire weekend was the lowered table for the "under 4" tournament. Cutest thing ever!!

Author: Chris.K Reply #2 Posted: Apr 18 2011 12:14PM

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