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Topic: Who's top 10 in OS and top 5 in OD ?

Author: Bush Doctor Original Message Posted: Apr 18 2011 1:13PM

Does anybody know

Author: S. Edwards Reply #1 Posted: Apr 18 2011 1:21PM

This is going from memory, which is basically non existent. the list could be wrong


1. Joe Ramjag
2. Matt Botros
3. Eric Dunn
4. Christian Dunn
5/6. Justin Shaw
5/6. Tuan Phan
7. Simon Edwards
8. Ivor Demello
9/12. Ang Karmis
9/12. Craig Williams
9/12. Eric Goodman
9/12. Garry Burgardt


1. Matt and Will
2. Tuan and Craig
3. Eric G and Tim
4. Simon and Joe
5/6. Christian/Darrell
5/6. Not Sure

Author: Linda Reply #2 Posted: Apr 18 2011 1:59PM

The other 5/6 finish was Linda Ly & Nathan Streifel

Give Will and the others some time. I'm sure they'll post full results soon enough

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #3 Posted: Apr 18 2011 2:15PM

Simon, I thought 7/8 was a tie but I see that you finished 7th and Ivor finished 8th. Perhaps you could explain.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #4 Posted: Apr 18 2011 2:28PM

I am just poking some fun at Ivor. He stayed at my place and since we finished exactly the same we had a little debate over the weekend who got 7th and who got 8th.

Author: Will Reply #5 Posted: Apr 18 2011 5:09PM

Simon was certainly 7th and Ivor was 8th. Home town advantage :)

Author: perennial underdog Reply #6 Posted: Apr 18 2011 5:14PM

When do we get a points update?

Author: Will Reply #7 Posted: Apr 18 2011 5:16PM

As soon as I enter all the charts into I am a little worn out today, and at work. After we tear down tonight, I'll think about doing it tomorrow. Points update should come soon. We can't include the group stage into points (same as nationals) because netfoos only allows for double elimination format.

Author: Bush Doctor Reply #8 Posted: Apr 18 2011 5:49PM

Thanks NUMBER 8 !!!!
we'll have to play a best of five sometime for 7th place. ps, the player i lost to finished higher than the player you lost to, SO I GET 7th!

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