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Topic: Edmonton Tournament Highlights

Author: S. Edwards Original Message Posted: Apr 18 2011 1:56PM

Thought I would start a thread about some highlites from the Edmonton Tournament

- it was great to have Inside Foos on hand to video the games on the pit table. It really gave this tournament a look of professionalism.

- Darcy Scaife playing so well in a few matches. Beating Joey in the Qualifier and beating Will in the first round of OS.

- Paul Gee played great foos.

- I thought the tables played good, the lighting was good, the venue was the best we have seen in Canada, the exposure for foosball was huge.

- The beer room was a huge bonus

- The software worked well, it was nice to see the charts.

- The reffing was done extreamly well

- Having Will announce over the PA "Table Maintanence to Table 11" and then watch him walk over to fix table 11. It was pretty funny at the time.

Overall The tournament was a huge success. If you missed it, you missed a good one.

Author: Darcy Reply #1 Posted: Apr 18 2011 2:55PM

Good thoughts Simon, thanks for the praise, I feel like I was competetive in most of my matches and that's a big improvement for me so I couldn't be happier with my results.

Personal high had to have been hitting an open handed pull shot against Garry that would have made Carey blush. Hopefully the last time I ever try that because I don't think anyone at the table, including myself had any idea what had happened.

But in review of the event I would have to say that the overall atmosphere and buzz surrounding the tournament at the mall was amazing and we couldn't have asked for better. There were people, who didn't know anything about foosball, watching from the other side of the glass at all times. There was excitement surrounding the class of players that attended and I feel as though all competitors put on a great show for the crowd, especially the under 4 tournament!! Amazing!!!

I was very suprised at the quality of table that fireball pushed through this time. They've laid the ground work for a very solid competition model and I hope to see more from them going forward.

I watched as Ben beat Matt Bottros in qualifying, and then Tobin took down Tuan in the same for open singles.

The Open singles match Where Eric Dunn was down 2-0 to Justin and still managed to pull back and win three straight games to stay on A side was epic.

So many good memories from the event it's hard to name them all but those are the ones that stick out at first.

Thanks to everyone for the tips and lessons. See you next time!

Author: JeremyR Reply #2 Posted: Apr 18 2011 2:56PM

- Winning 1st in amateur singles & doubles

- Getting home and realizing that "Amateur" was misspelled on the trophy as "Amatuer" instead

Great tournament. Thanks to everyone who helped put it together.

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Apr 18 2011 4:48PM

A lot of players REALLY stepped up and played amazing foosball this weekend! Matt obviously was incredible, but Joe, Darcy, Christian, Simon, Jeremy, and many more also played well!

Highs -

- Getting the set up done early in the week

- Turnout for Open Mixed

- Junior events

- Jim Stevens/Insidefoos production value was great

Lows -

We still have to do teardown tonight. Anyone wanting to help out meet us at WEM tonight at 6:00!

Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Apr 18 2011 5:09PM

Thanks to:
Sam - Operations Manager
Sam took control and built the lights, and he is one of the only people that strait up takes initiative and gets stuff done without even asking me. He walks up to me and says "look what I did" and I am always amazed.

Tobin - Set-Up Manager
Tobin dominated the tournament set up with raw power. On Tuesday it was only 3 of us that showed up in the morning, and we set up 11 tables by our selves. Tobin was mega-helpful the entire time and might have actually spent the most total hours at the tournament room helping out.

Ben - Software Manager
Another tournament that was pretty much stress free for me because of Ben on the controls. We had some issues but they were solved quickly!

Simon - Head Official/Truck Driver
Simon is so much more than the title he gave himself, but it would have taken SO much more time for us to do this tournament without Simon. Great reffing and all together Simon really holds our group together.

Dan, Ritchie, Chris, Darcy, Chad, and anyone thats name I might have missed!

Most of all - THANK YOU PLAYERS. Everyone that comes to the tournament and has fun. The only reason it is worth putting on tournaments is the crew of players that we get out every time. Special thanks to Dylan and the Saskatoon crew, we had an awesome time Thursday and Saturday night! All the out of town players thanks so much for coming!

Author: perennial underdog Reply #5 Posted: Apr 18 2011 8:53PM

A few things that would have improved the weekend:
1."Warrior Girls"
2.More than 2 women's doubles teams
3.Blondes between the ages of 25-35 that have
questionable judgement.
4.Complimentary soft drinks served by partially clad
and morally flexible,attractive women.

Author: Desmond Reply #6 Posted: Apr 18 2011 8:58PM

Unfortunately Joey, if that were the case I don't think you would've won open singles.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #7 Posted: Apr 18 2011 9:21PM

>>>4.Complimentary soft drinks served by partially cladand morally flexible,attractive women.<<

Morally flexible? Joe you really need to get laid! Take your winnings and buy a blonde between the ages of 25-35 that has questionable judgement.

Author: Linda Reply #8 Posted: Apr 18 2011 9:25PM

Classy Joey...real classy...

Author: perennial underdog Reply #9 Posted: Apr 18 2011 9:36PM

I wasn't talking to you, linda.Seriously,for those who don't have a sense of humour,too bad.

Author: Linda Reply #10 Posted: Apr 18 2011 9:49PM

Oh i know you weren't talking to me Joey. I was just making a statement

Author: Linda Reply #11 Posted: Apr 18 2011 10:34PM

Just finished watching the free DVD that came with the tournament. That was a nice throw in with registration fees. And some extremely high quality foosball...Tony Spredeman is a monster with a foosball table

Author: S. Edwards Reply #12 Posted: Apr 18 2011 11:09PM

Thanks for the compliments Will. I was happy to be the truck driver. I also enjoyed getting more reffing experience.

The rest of the crew really deserves a big thank you from all who enjoyed the tournament. There were countless hours spent by a lot of people to help pull this off and they did it for the love of the game. I for one am very grateful that we have this level of tournaments in Edmonton.

Author: Will Reply #13 Posted: Apr 19 2011 12:01AM

Thanks again to the players that showed up tonight for tear down too. I just got home. I started setting up Tuesday morning at 10:00 am, and finished tearing down at 11:00 pm monday night... that is a full week of effort. Can't wait to do it again, see you all next year at the WEM event!

Author: Darcy Reply #14 Posted: Apr 19 2011 9:15AM

Hah, and we can't figure out why more women don't come out to these things...

Yeah last night went pretty well for tear down. Daniel was taking tables and putting them up on his shoulder with one hand and hoofing them over to the parking lot, couldn't have done it without him or Simon's amazing trucking skills. Thanks for the help guys!

Author: TedA Reply #15 Posted: Apr 19 2011 1:33PM


-Playing with Barry, it's always fun playing with him.
-Lance, our Amateur from Regina realizing he's a much better player than he thought he was.
-Tuan telling me right after I lost to Brian and Andy that I lost the game because I mis-executed my pass, thanks Tuan... I didn't notice that...
-Nathan going around showing pictures of me passed out in my clothes in the hotel room.
-Realizing my tournament game still needs some tweaking
-The edmonton team for setting the bar for tournaments, I'm WAY more impressed with this WEM tournament than this years HOFC.

-Having to wait for another tournament

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #16 Posted: Apr 19 2011 4:10PM

This was my Dad's marching song in the Canadian Armed Forces during WWII. Of course it must be about foosballs! Right?

(Sung to the tune of The theme from Bridge on the River Kwai)

Hitler has only got one ball.
Goering has two but they are small.
Himmler, has something "sim-ler".
And poor old Goebbels has no balls at all!!!

For some reason it doesn't even mention Lance Armstrong. Maybe it needs a new verse?

Author: Superfly Reply #17 Posted: Apr 19 2011 5:54PM

Fredrock ... spending a little too much time at the Tsingtao Beer Pub I see .

Author: PaulG Reply #18 Posted: Apr 19 2011 6:22PM


-getting to attend a tournament so soon after Vegas
-going to Edmonton and seeing all of the great foosers
-playing on a table that's in the works of being really good
-playing with my rookie partner Lance who's in the works of becoming really good
-seeing the look of excitement on Lance's face after our matches against some very strong teams
-having Nathan Streifel and Linda Ly take us out of open doubles (great playing by both)
-seeing the passion and enthusiasm in the Edmonton promoters and the Edmonton foosers (clearly the best promoted club in Canada)
-seeing the revitalization of the Saskatoon foosers
-and many more great things about the tourney


-no complaints in regards to the tourney, as I know it's a lot of thankless work to host one and to keep everyone happy
-driving 8 hrs back to Regina and having to go to work

Thanks to the Edmonton group for a great event.

Author: Lance R Reply #19 Posted: Apr 19 2011 6:42PM

UNREAL! Foos at its best! Thanks to Edmonton for the great tournament. Loved the round robin. Highs - having Paul Gee as a partner in open doubles, helpful tips from all the players, and an overall great experience.

Author: Nathan S Reply #20 Posted: Apr 20 2011 1:49AM


- playing with Linda Ly* (see below) She is immune to pressure. Awesome self control in the big games and fast but steady defence when it counted. Great stops and shots, Linda.
- Linda and I taking home highest placing expert and a couple of the big trophies.
- Attending another wicked Edmonton tournament. You guys are doing a killer job right now. Keep up everything that you are doing.
- Seeing Paul and Lance take down some absolute MONSTER teams. This team turned some heads this weekend. Paul's game is on a different level then I have seen and Lance was unrattled in defence against some of the best in Canada.
- In a world of dedicated, planned, mathematical tick tack, stick, brush passing...watching Justin Shaw's accurate - seat of the pants - high percentage passes show me another side of the game and going to game 5 with him.
- Realizing that I have a 3 bar that will hang with the pro players
- West Ed mall exposure. This venue is doing wonders for the sport. Good job - keep it going guys.


Thank you.

- Not being able to adjust my stick pass series to the Fireball table in time for the big games. Sorry Linda.
- Taking out Paul and Lance from open doubles and not doing them justice. They had a much better chance at taking out the big dogs then us.
- Realizing I don't have a 5 bar that will compete with the pros.
- Linda "Ly" is prounounced "Lee". Remember this so you don't lose bets.
- Not taking Ted's prop bet of $1000 to piss in the water fountain outside of Sherlock Holmes with 3 police present.

Ted: you should feel so lucky that all we did was take a picture of your drunk, passed out ass. Sharpies were not far away.

Author: Linda Reply #21 Posted: Apr 20 2011 6:55PM

- Placing so well in Open Doubles and placing as highest ranking expert with Nathan. It was fun playing with you Nathan!
- Placing much higher than I expected in Open Doubles
- Having more teams than I expected for Open Mixed and playing with Darrel P. Thanks for partnering with me Darrel, I had a blast.
- Seeing all of the fellow foosers again from out of town. Til next time folks!
- Seeing some more females starting to play foos.
- 2 Ball rollerball....such a stupid but UBER FUN game to play. Good way to let loose and just enjoy the game.
- Venue at WEM and the promoters of Edmonton. It was a great experience for everyone from players to random mall observers.

- Not adjusting as well as i would like to accommodate my push side roller.
- Super long lines at Booster Juice all weekend haha

At the end of the day...not too many low's to think of for me that are actually significant. Great job to Edmonton for hosting a fantastic event

Author: S. Edwards Reply #22 Posted: Apr 22 2011 10:00PM

One person that was not acknowledged and was a huge part of this tournament was Dennis from Fireball. Thanks for sending the tables.

Author: .Garry Reply #23 Posted: May 3 2011 10:06AM

From Jim Stevens inside foos article-Texas State & Alberta Open...

"As most of you know, I've covered events for almost 20 years across the USA and in Europe and this was definitely one of the finest Foosball tournament locations that I have ever had the privilege of working".

Congrats to the entire team, and I would second Jim's motion as this was(prior Edmonton tourneys as well) a top class run tournament with an exceptionally organized effort by all.

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