Topic: Wednesday Foos 04/20/11

Author: Superfly Original Message Posted: Apr 20 2011 3:02PM

4/20 Foos ... should be down around 7:30'ish. Jeffy, you gonna be on the steps of the Art Gallery or what lol ...

Author: dfnder Reply #1 Posted: Apr 20 2011 5:15PM

Just a heads up one table may be out of commision, I got a text from Mike about it but I haven't been able to drop by. Apparently the punch is missing as well, I will be down Thursday.

Author: Superfly Reply #2 Posted: Apr 20 2011 5:56PM

Would be nice to know which table, 'cause if it's the one closest to the bar i might as well not bother as it's not really worth playing on the other table.

Author: The Rook Reply #3 Posted: Apr 20 2011 6:21PM

no worries Superfly, it's the old far table.

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