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Topic: US Open Charts

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Apr 28 2011 7:20PM

Apparently no live streaming is available. Follow the charts at the link above.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #1 Posted: Apr 28 2011 7:31PM

No live streaming? What a jyp. This is 2011. That's why we need to support inside foos. Buy some DVD's (foosball not porn Joey)

Author: S. Edwards Reply #2 Posted: Apr 28 2011 7:50PM

There is live streaming on justintv

Author: perennial underdog Reply #3 Posted: Apr 28 2011 7:57PM

Porn Rocks!!!!By the by,I just finished watching the '98 final between fredrico and terry moore.Fredrico has improved QUITE A BIT,but essentially has the same style of play.

Loffredo,on the same dvd,looks like a coke dealer and seemingly weighs about 88 pounds.Both players have improved their games exponentially.

Author: Superfly Reply #4 Posted: Apr 28 2011 9:05PM

Stream seems to be about 5 frames per second ...

Makes it easier to see the holes haha ... now i know why Steve Mori blinks constantly every time he shoots.

Author: dfnder Reply #5 Posted: Apr 29 2011 12:14AM

He blinks to see if his shot is moving

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #6 Posted: Apr 29 2011 1:42AM

Jeebus Joey. Don't mention porn and then discuss Terry Moore in the next sentence. I nearly put my half-digested dinner onto my keyboard.
Now forever burned into my mind is an image of a "match" between Terry and Frederico, with Jim Stevens calling out "and Terry strokes it to the far side ...".

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