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Topic: Vancouver:Time To Step Up

Author: perennial underdog Original Message Posted: Apr 29 2011 9:28PM

No one else is taking the initiative.You guys have some serious foosballers in your neck of the woods which is ample reason for you to have the nationals in Van.

I am certain that Craig or Tuan or Eric,if they were so inclined,could do a great job in organizing a fine tournament.

I think this would be good for foosball,but especially for Vancouver foos.

Author: University of Foos Reply #1 Posted: Apr 29 2011 10:29PM

Sounds like you're the most interested in having it run than anyone else. So run one yourself.

Author: University of Foos Reply #2 Posted: Apr 29 2011 11:50PM

Wow, I need to learn how to proof read.

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