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Topic: WSO facebook Alberta and Moya page

Author: S. Edwards Original Message Posted: May 10 2011 12:23PM

in case you didn't already know

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #1 Posted: May 11 2011 8:35PM

You conned me into signing into Facebook for that? Now I'm going to have to tell people I've been logged into it 11 times, instead of the 10 I was holding at.

Author: domi nate Reply #2 Posted: May 12 2011 8:53AM

I'm still at zero.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #3 Posted: May 12 2011 9:45AM

That's because you don't have any friends Nathan

Author: moyatielens Reply #4 Posted: May 12 2011 1:58PM

Lol..Alberta and Moya. That's funny. I feel so special. :)

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