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Topic: May 10 DYP Videos

Author: Darcy Original Message Posted: May 15 2011 9:45PM

I'll start with the final, Christian and Brian vs Darcy and Darrel.

These things are taking a couple of hours to render in HD due to my piece of a PC, but I'll try to get the Christian and Brian vs Garry and Mike match up tonight or tomorrow.

Author: Darcy Reply #1 Posted: May 16 2011 8:50AM

Christian and Brian vs Garry and Mike - B side final.

Author: Darcy Reply #2 Posted: May 17 2011 8:21AM

Will and Danny vs Garry and Mike

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: May 17 2011 11:02AM

I think that for most of that game I was getting ready for a no rollover tournament... All but one time I set up I scored... Still the push kick to open up was my favorite part of the match. Garry was shooting great. I went back to make a block and got lit up.. Mikey was that a bank to go up 4-2? Awesome shot.

Author: WiII Reply #4 Posted: May 17 2011 1:28PM

One more thing, It was about time someone posted a video of me in it

Author:  S. Edwards Reply #5 Posted: May 17 2011 1:29PM

Nice push kick Will

Author: WiII Reply #6 Posted: May 17 2011 1:31PM

Really? I thought it sucked ass

Author:  S. Edwards Reply #7 Posted: May 17 2011 1:34PM

Well for you it wasn't that good, but it was still faster and harder than anyone else can shoot one.

Author: Will Reply #8 Posted: May 18 2011 11:14AM

I can't wait to see the May 17th videos!

Christian vs Darcy!

Do you have any of Conrads games? I wouldn't mind seeing him beating either Chris or Tobin...

Author: Darcy Reply #9 Posted: May 18 2011 11:28AM

Unfortunately, I don't think I got any of Conrad's games on tape. I will check which matches were recorded when I get home and maybe we'll do a vote as to which ones get posted. It's going to be really time consuming to get them all up on a regular basis so maybe I'll do two a week if I can.

Is there something specific you guys want to see with these videos at all, should I be recording a specific match each week or is there anything you want to see in the videos that are missing?

I'm still tweaking the quality a bit, what do you guys think of the image quality of the last couple that were posted?

ideas, suggestions would be cool!

Also, subscribe to my youtube channel to get updates and see all of the games I've posted.

Author: Will Reply #10 Posted: May 18 2011 12:17PM

I don't want you to have to put in too much effort or anything, so just a couple quick requests... slow motion replays, fire streaks behind the ball, zoom in on the 3 bar for important shots, and commentary on every match.

I think that finals would be good to put on. Maybe we should do every tier playing the final on the pits table?

Author: Darcy Reply #11 Posted: May 18 2011 12:38PM

I duno man, it kind of always looks like slow motion when you shoot anyway.

And yeah we can do just finals if that's what people want. I kind of like having some preliminary stuff sprinkled in, though, because sometimes those are the best matches.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #12 Posted: May 18 2011 12:44PM

>>And yeah we can do just finals if that's what people want<<

Won't people get tired of watching me play?

I think you should try to get at least one video of everyone that plays. I wouldn't be to concerned with just the final.

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