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Topic: losing streak...

Author: nathanp Original Message Posted: May 18 2011 12:23AM

I've played in 3 of 4 singles tourneys in the last month... and lost every single match... im thinkin 35+ losses... with 0 wins :(

I practice 2 hours a day(passing and shots)... 3 or 4 days a week... and still get my butt kicked every game...

its getting hard to stay positive...

Author: tony Reply #1 Posted: May 18 2011 10:10AM

You can't practice defense at home. Go take your lumps, develop a good transition game and chin up

Author: eradicator Reply #2 Posted: May 18 2011 4:25PM

Do you practice against a person?

Author: domi nate Reply #3 Posted: May 18 2011 4:26PM

If I practiced that much and still couldn't beat the likes of Rans, Strawson, Welch, and Willick , I'd look for a different sport.

Author: F.Q. Reply #4 Posted: May 19 2011 4:38PM

That doesn't seem right, just what specifically do you practice doing for 2 hours at a time 3 days a week?

What do you shoot Rollover or Pull? Do you practice hitting all the holes?

What do you pass? Do you practice lane and wall (stick passing) or uphill and downhill (brush passing)? Are you passing with the same man on the 5 row everytime?

Have you asked anyone to help you identify any specific flaws in your defense or offensive series?

Have you changed your approach to how you play the game since you first started playing at Saskfoos?

Author: F.Q. Reply #5 Posted: May 19 2011 9:37PM

These are just questions that might help you identify what needs fixing in your game if you want to pursue it. Ask Barry for some help, he's always been good for explaining things and offering suggestions.

Author: nathanp Reply #6 Posted: May 25 2011 7:05PM

thx for the replys FQ, much appreciated :)

I can shoot push, pull, and rollover, sometimes pull kick. i will shoot around 100+ rollovers in a pratice session. and yes I practice hitting all the holes. defence and shooting isnt really my problem... its not getting the possessions on the 3 bar. so I know my 5 bar, and passing need the most work.

I practice lane and wall brush passes to the side and middle guy. my stick passes are too slow as of now...

I also practice 2 bar shots from the back.

but, I dont have a tornado table, so its not the same :(

I've played on over 35 tourneys with sask foos... I played back in 2005, then started when it picked up again this year...

I absolutley take all the advice/ pointers I can get from Barry and all the players in saskatoon. I ask questions all the time.

I took the week off... havnt practiced/ played in a week... just trying to clear my head...

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