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Topic: May 17 DYP Videos

Author: Darcy Original Message Posted: May 18 2011 10:30PM

Hey guys, I'll start doing two a week and see how that goes. I'm going to automatically do the tier 1 final and then get everyone to vote on the other.

Vote on one of the following

1) Darcy vs Christian
2) Ben vs Garry
3) Garry vs Tobin
4) Darcy vs Will
5) Darcy vs Garry
6) Simon vs Garry
7) Simon vs Ben (B side final)

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: May 19 2011 12:01PM

Finally someone else did a poll!!! Now its my chance to vote for a bunch of crazy stuff that isn't even on the list like everyone else does when I start a vote.

My vote is for:
8) Good vs Evil

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: May 19 2011 12:02PM


Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: May 19 2011 12:03PM


Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: May 19 2011 12:05PM

If I can't watch Cowboy vs Witch or Ninja vs Pirate, then please hook us up with:

1) Darcy vs Christian

Close game, well used time outs, good shooting, smart well timed defense etc.

Author: Will Reply #5 Posted: May 19 2011 12:11PM

Ooooh 2nd thought, Garry vs Tobin was pretty epic - some crazy saves on the last . Also I wouldn't mind seeing Ben vs Garry...

14) all of the above

Author: S. Edwards Reply #6 Posted: May 19 2011 3:22PM

I vote on either one of these

Will vs Garry
Darcy vs Simon
Christian vs Will

Author: Darcy Reply #7 Posted: May 19 2011 3:30PM

I can see the voting system works much the same here as it does on the federal level.

Looks like you guys are in for a whole lot of Darcy vs videos!!

Author: Will Reply #8 Posted: May 19 2011 3:58PM

Wish we had Brian vs Devin for Kingseat then both sets of the final.

Author: Darcy Reply #9 Posted: May 20 2011 12:01AM

Simon vs Will Singles Final:

Author: Will Reply #10 Posted: May 20 2011 1:40PM

Nice push kick!

Author: Darcy Reply #11 Posted: May 20 2011 1:45PM

Yeah that was sick. I personally enjoyed the 2-3 pass to win the second game when it was 4-4. Gutsy ass move.

Author: Darcy Reply #12 Posted: Jun 12 2011 1:57PM

Ben vs Garry

Author: domi nate Reply #13 Posted: Jun 13 2011 8:38PM

Good background music

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