Topic: Friday Foos

Author: Superfly Original Message Posted: May 20 2011 5:21PM

Why do i get the feeling Earl's going to be there tonight ...

Author: van_can_foos Reply #1 Posted: May 20 2011 5:30PM

Nope sorry, I woulda posted by now if that was the case. I'm gonna watch the game at home tonight.

But I am due to come down soon. Gotta show everyone how my playoff beard is coming along.


Author: Superfly Reply #2 Posted: May 20 2011 7:30PM

Well this game is obviously San Jose's ... i'll be down around 7:30'ish.

Author: Superfly Reply #3 Posted: May 20 2011 8:17PM

What is it ... like 6 penalties against Vancouver in a row and 0 against the Sharks. Buttman must be hiding around there somewhere .

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