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Topic: WSO 2011 Canadian Results

Author: Linda Original Message Posted: May 30 2011 5:42PM

Open DYP (31 Teams)
2nd Craig Williams, Matt Dvorak
5th/6th Robert Gingell, Tony Wiborg
7th/8th Jeff Allen, Peter Welch Jr.
9th/12th Simon Edwards, Chris Brazel
9th/12th Robbie Cook, Will Stranks
13th/16th Tim Dudra, Ben Wilkins
13th/16th MightyMo, Linda Ly
17th/24th Eric Goodman, Rocky Willson
17th/24th Christian Dunn, Beverly Heaverlo
17th/24th Chad Kinner, Moya Tielens
25th/32nd Brad Laurine, Karli Schiebelbein

Open Doubles (22 Teams)
1st Craig Williams, Robert Gingell
2nd Ben Wilkins, Will Stranks
4th Laura Constante, Tim Dudra
5th/6th Christian Dunn, Eric Goodman (6)
9th/12th Moya Regan, Mike Boyle
13th/16th Brad Laurine, Simon Edwards (7)
17th/24th Jason Sherrell, Jeff Allen

Women's Doubles (3 Teams....well 4 with one team forfeiting)
1st Linda Ly, Karli Schiebelbein

Amateur Doubles (12 Teams)
1st Cody Byre, Ben Wilkins
4th Karli Schiebelbein, Linda Ly
9th/12th Robbie Cook, Cam Burrows

Women's Singles (7 Players)
1st Linda Ly
5th/6th Karli Schiebelbein

Amatuer Singles (23 PLayers)
2nd Ben Wilkins
5th/6th Linda Ly
7th/8th Cam Burrows
17th/24th Karli Schiebelbein

Open Singles (23 Players)
5th/6th Simon Edwards
7th/8th Jeff Allen
9th/12th Craig William
9th/12th Eric Goodman
9th/12th Christian Dunn
9th/12th Linda Ly
13th/16th Ben Wilkins
13th/16th Will Stranks
13th/16th Robert Gingell
17th/24th Cam Burrows

Limited Doubles (12 Teams)
2nd Tim Dudra, Robert Gingell
4th Mike Holbert, Will Stranks
7th/8th Simon Edwards, Eric Goodman
9th/12th Christian Dunn, Moya Regan
9th/12th Jeff Allen, Ryan Harvey

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #1 Posted: May 30 2011 6:48PM

Also: Last Chance DYP:
1st: Craig Williams and Ryan Harvey
Other (4th or 5th or something like that): Robert Gingell and Tim Normandin

It was great seeing all the Flatlanders make it out to the west coast where life is good.

I enjoyed playing with Ben and Karli; it was loads of fun. Karli was a wall in goal - blocked the heck out of Rich Fosner who ended up winning 4 events including Open Mixed. Had I been less of a dead weight Karli might have taken that fifth game against Rich and Rochelle instead of being dragged down as I lost it in "overtime" as they call it.

Clearly, given the above results, Ben also deserved a better doubles partner than me but it was fun nonetheless.

Always enjoyable mocking the likes of Simon, Will, Christian and Eric - glad you all made it out.

If Simon had been able to complete his desperate attempt to slop me out in Open Doubles, he and Brad could have made it all the way to the next match! Fortunately, in that case, skill overcame dumb luck.

And, most importantly, thanks for those much needed shots of Bowmore, Crown Royal, and even an MGD.

Author: Linda Reply #2 Posted: May 30 2011 6:58PM

Oh yeah...suppose i forgot to post the Open Mixed results as well (guess i chose to forget it). 9 teams and the Canadians all came in 5th through 9th =(

Karli played great in defense all weekend. Sorry I just couldn't close out a couple matches to get us a top 3 in Am Dubs. We were the only team to beat Ben & Cody this weekend in Am though!! Hoorah haha!

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #3 Posted: May 30 2011 8:02PM

I need to make a correction - I put 5th game in Mixed but Mixed was only 2 out of 3 - it was the 3rd game that went to "overtime".

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