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Topic: Washington Highs and Lows

Author: Will Original Message Posted: May 31 2011 11:42AM

- Hotel, it is so amazing (the staff was wicked too)
- Hot tub parties in the middle of the night, great view from in there.
- Having Ben as my partner for Open doubs, and having passes hit and stick to my 3 bar that I didn't even know were coming
- drawing robbie cook in the DYP, the kid is pretty cool
- TD Staff did a good job of dealing with conflict
- The ball was great
- High speed pass going into the sharp S turn... thankfully we missed the boat on that one.

- Not having the coin op's or 3 man goalie tables to play on
- Getting smoked in the second set of the final (great playing Craig and Rob, it was a fun 6 games, but would have been better if either set was close)

Author: S. Edwards Reply #1 Posted: May 31 2011 2:15PM

My bar tab

My bar tab

Author: Cam. Reply #2 Posted: May 31 2011 3:22PM

The drive
am doubles results =(
Passing out in the lobby of the hotel
I need my underwear back!

everything else that happened

Author: RezaREX Reply #3 Posted: May 31 2011 3:32PM

Highs and Lows

High: I second the hotel. Tourny room, bar, patio, hot tub, and rooms all within a 30 second walk is awesome. No matter what someone is doing they can be found in a heartbeat makes for non-stop fun.

Low: Getting kicked out of the hot tub and a few people missing some shoes but I think everyone found their stuff eventually.

High: Meeting new people is always my biggest highlight because thats what makes it worth the 13 hour drive.

Low: Not spending enough time with all the people I knew. Next year more community shots and socializations.

High: Price of drinks.

Low: Effect of drinks on performance.

High: Seeing Simon's Sambuca bar trick.
Low: The burn I'm going to get trying to reproduce it.

High: Getting a chance to play with Moya.

Low: Not winning a match and getting called on unsportsmanlike conduct .....Might've been some outside influences

High: Seeing all my friends play really well. Will and Ben tore up OD. Ben and Cody taking down AM dubs. Linda and Karli taking Womens dubs is super impressive taking down some tough teams. Simon (when drunk) is a MONSTER!!!! even if he can't hang on to the 5-bar on a downhill :P

Low: None

Low: Playing the worst I ever have at a tournament and letting my partners down all weekend. You all deserved better.
High: Ironically, having the most fun I've ever had at a tournament. Can't wait till next time!!!

Author: RezaREX Reply #4 Posted: May 31 2011 3:34PM

Oh and..

High: Simon's epic Saturday night and the quote of the weekend "27 shots and I could still stand on one foot"!!!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #5 Posted: May 31 2011 3:42PM

That was Kims quote. I needed both feet. I can only say that was the absolute funnest night I ever had at a foosball tournament.

Watching Jeff kick the table 4 or 5 times after Eric and I chicken roasted him and Ryan was fricken funny!

Author: Cam. Reply #6 Posted: May 31 2011 3:47PM

Also watching Pete Jr and the little guy beat Jeff and Ryan!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #7 Posted: May 31 2011 3:57PM

The three acomplises

Author: Will Reply #8 Posted: May 31 2011 6:16PM

Looks like Simon had a fun night

Author: Linda Reply #9 Posted: Jun 1 2011 12:59AM

- Great venue and the northwest player base hosts. Definitely a unique bunch of players.

- Watching a ton of people getting slowly tanked throughout the day, while still playing pretty darn good foosball. I`m amazed at how people can function off of only beer and red bull.

- Winning women's singles and women's doubles with Karli

- Me and Karli being the only team to beat Cody and Ben all weekend (2 straight)....only to lose to them later in the B side.

- Getting into a real groove where I was playing at a great level on a table I don`t prefer. My 5 bar was rocking all weekend, as was my rollover....adjustment was much better than last time with the Edmonton tourney experience helping out. And being able to adjust my game to compensate for a couple of HORRIBLE tables (stupid table 7)

- Seeing a great showing by a bunch of the Canadians and seeing us conflicting up a bunch of brackets as usual.

- Watching some great young talent playing with a huge level of skill. Wish i started playing that young.

- Still not getting my match with Moya

- Not placing in the top 3 in Amateur Singles and Doubles. I had the chances, but in the end it didn`t work out (sorry Karli).

- Poor showing in Open Mixed. Sadly, I think the time of me and Eric playing mixed is over (weirdly enough, we play fine together in DYP events).

- Didn`t get to see Will do pushups with bananas on his back at Denny`s! You owe us next time Will!

- Seeing my life flash before my eyes in an S-curve and a boat! lol

Author: moyatielens Reply #10 Posted: Jun 3 2011 1:38AM

Sorry, Linda...bullsh*t wins again, and this time it really even wasn't my fault. I think I'm thankful I didn't have to play you tho cause you woulda kiiiiiiiiiilled me with the way I play on Fireball. Ugh, don't like it at aaaall.

So freaking happy for you two winning WD and congrats also on WS!! So glad to have the trophies on Canadian soil. ;)

Hope you had fun. Didn't even get to talk to you at all, but was aaaaaaaawesome for Canadians to regroup. Was a majorly great tournament for that which I hope brought us all (Western Canada) a little closer and stays that way in the future. It was so fun.

Congrats again, and hey, if we're ever at the same tourney again...just ask to rumble. I'm always up for a funzie match or even semi funzie. Those are just as important as playing in a big match. You know..all the little things, but I'm there for ya if ya ever wanna jump on a table. Just gotta ask cause, well, I'm usually just yakking to some poor schmoe trying to get away. :p :p

Take care and of course..


Author: Linda Reply #11 Posted: Jun 3 2011 8:21PM

Oh no worries Moya....we'll get around to it one day. Probably wouldn't have been able to find an empty table to play pickup on anyways....and if there was, I was probably in a match. In the mean time, i get to say i kicked your butt 5-0, 5-0 (we just won't mention it was due to a forfeit haha)

Author: University of Foos Reply #12 Posted: Jun 3 2011 8:32PM

-Rooms within shouting distance of the tournament
-People were awesome, everyone was pretty chill
-High level of competition

-Old Fireball tables (Amazing it happened at all given the customs problems they had)
-My performance (Sorry to my partners)
-The drive... next time somebody smack me if I try it by myself again

I'm uncertain if I'd do a Fireball event again, but if I do I'll have to learn a rollover for it.

Author: moyatielens Reply #13 Posted: Jun 4 2011 1:52AM

ehem..and to everyone.. the forfeiture was not me. I was the only one at the table. :/

You can have a 5-0 5-0 Linda. I'm super good with that. Revenge can be a toughie tho. ;) (Totally just teasing you. :p) ;)

Author: Linda Reply #14 Posted: Jun 4 2011 2:06AM

Sucks for the'd hope that even after waiting 40 minutes your partner would have showed up.

Revenge.....D'OH!!! haha

Author: .Garry Reply #15 Posted: Jun 4 2011 5:54AM

I see a cage match in your ladies future with Michael Buffer as the ring

Author: .Garry Reply #16 Posted: Jun 4 2011 5:55AM

announcer lol

Author: moyatielens Reply #17 Posted: Jun 4 2011 11:49AM

It wasn't her fault either, Linda, just for the record. It was a whole screwy miscommunication cause her Dad told her it was for singles, not doubles, so said screw it. The only reason she was there was to play with me and they drove 7 hrs, so I know she wouldn't have just blown it off.

The real shitty thing is that they were gonna play the losers side once it got all worked out and Cathy Brainard wouldn't play it. Sooo pisses me off. Not very cool in my books. So, you can blame Cathy for not getting your match with me. :p

Yaah, cage match. That would be awesome!!

Good luck with everything in the future, Linda. I hear you have skillz and obviously you do. Show those boys and girls who's boss. :)


Author: Linda Reply #18 Posted: Jun 4 2011 2:28PM

Oh wow I didn't realize it was that complicated of a mess. That's gotta be rough to miss out when it's the only reason you came anyways...and doubley sucks to throw in a 7 hour drive. I'm not gonna comment on the Kathy thing, but if it helps, I beat her in singles for you hehe =)

And thanks Moya! If i can afford it, you'll be seeing me around at a couple tournaments here and there.

Garry....would this cage match be held at the MGM? hehehe

Author: moyatielens Reply #19 Posted: Jun 4 2011 10:52PM

And thanks, Christian, for listing playing with me as a high cause I played terrible. I really can't shoot on stupid Fireball. I get sooo pissed off everytime. :p Was fun playing with you too tho. You were nice enough to not get mad at me. :)

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