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Topic: This Tuesday - June 7th Event

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Jun 3 2011 2:06PM

This week we are going to do a DYT (Draw Your Team) event. Team events don't count towards our point system.

Last time we did a team event it was one of the favorites by almost everyone, and although we have only done it once (maybe twice?) I am asked about it all the time. Everyone seemed to like the format. And we will do a double elimination tournament with the teams that are drawn.

Teams will be made up of 4 players per team. If we have about 30 players that would give us 7 or 8 teams.

All the teams will compete in the same tier. When we draw the teams we will put players onto teams based off points.

If we have 8 pro's, each team will get 1 pro, then so on and so forth down the line, making sure teams are as even as possible.
A team break down could look like
1 Simon
2 Cam
3 Chad
4 Uzair


1 Christian
2 Mike
3 Brian
4 Kevin

When two teams play against each other, we will do games as race to 7 (win by 2 max 9). The games that will be played will be:
1&3 vs 1&3 (Doubles)
2&4 vs 2&4 (Doubles)
1 vs 1 (Singles)
2 vs 2 (Singles)
3 vs 3 (Singles)
4 vs 4 (Singles)
Tiebreak - Rotational

Rotational: every goal your team scores, your team rotates. All 4 players rotate in, so if you are playing back, and your team scores, you sit out for two goals then sub in as forward, then when your team scores you play back, then sit out two more goals.

If your team has 5 players instead of 4, then each match, the same 4 players must not play singles every time. One player will miss out on doubles and one player will miss out on singles, in each match. Hopefully we have enough to do teams of 4 exactly.

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Jun 3 2011 2:08PM

Essentially the breakdown of the team should be:
1: Tier 1 player
2: Tier 1 player
3: Tier 2 player
4: Tier 2 player

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Jun 3 2011 3:09PM

Also we will ADD IN $50!

Winner take all!

Estimated payout for the 1st place team $200

2nd place team gets the $25 Gateway Bucks, good for a pizza and a jug of beer!

Author: Cam. Reply #3 Posted: Jun 3 2011 3:46PM


Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Jun 5 2011 5:14PM


Author: Will Reply #5 Posted: Jun 5 2011 5:15PM

Wow... that looks like it will be fun.

Author: RezaREX Reply #6 Posted: Jun 6 2011 10:08AM

So super fun!!!! I wish tomorrow was today !!!

Author: Will Reply #7 Posted: Jun 7 2011 1:42PM

Author: Cam. Reply #8 Posted: Jun 7 2011 1:54PM

Christian + + + + + = Then ... + + = = = Then BUT! = ...

Author: RezaREX Reply #9 Posted: Jun 7 2011 4:27PM

Haha that actually might turn out to be the most accurate portrayal of my evening.

Author: Bank Machine Reply #10 Posted: Jun 8 2011 10:49AM

Ha ha, good one CB. Hope fully only some of this came to pass for Christians B-Day. This event was one of the best events yet. Really enjoyed the mix of doubles and singles matches, and watching team mates. As suggested, the games could be quicker with the use of some simple blank forms that payers fill out as they go along. We should do this again next mnth. great playing everyone.

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