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Topic: Happy Birthday Sweet Christian!

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Jun 7 2011 11:03AM

Author: RezaREX Reply #1 Posted: Jun 7 2011 11:32AM

Thanks Will!!

This looks like a bitchin sure there is enough drinks? Can't wait for tonight!!

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Jun 7 2011 12:12PM

Christians Birthday! On a Feusday! Sounds like there are NOT enough drinks actually

Author: RezaREX Reply #3 Posted: Jun 8 2011 9:10AM

Thanks for a sweet night. great Foosnboozen....The format is pretty sweet...It's cool to cheer as a team and it reminds me a lot of the 4 man vifa league back in the day...

Author: Collette Reply #4 Posted: Jun 8 2011 9:49AM

Hey I signed up to harass everyone on here!

Yah it was my first tourney and although I played like crap, it was a fun time!

Thanks again :)

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