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Topic: Points Update from Alberta Fireball???

Author: Linda Original Message Posted: Jul 7 2011 12:16PM

Hey Will - just wondering whether or not you were ever able to get the points updated from after the Alberta Fireball event?

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Jul 7 2011 1:39PM

Still waiting for Mark to update Netfoos for us... He has said on a few occasions that he will do it, but just hasn't got around to it yet. I just sent him another email, but harrassing him for a service that he provides for free feels terrible. Hopefully it gets done right away, then I'll add in the results and update it. Really it should be a lot simpler than this but I made a mistake by not checking to make sure that the style of chart we were using is avaliable in netfoos.

Author: Linda Reply #2 Posted: Jul 7 2011 2:17PM

Oh yeah I totally understand that. Was just curious is all =)

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