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Topic: World Cup/Championships

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Aug 4 2011 5:08PM

The World Cup/Championships is a Multi-Table tournament that is being held in Nantes, France, from January 5th - 8th, 2012.

The World Championships is for Singles and Doubles, Canada has two singles spots and two doubles spots for this tournament. We also have spots for Senior Singles/Doubles, Junior Singles/Doubles, and Womens Singles/Doubles.

Number of players in a standard Men's team: 7 + 2 reserve players (minimum 5 men to make up a team)

Number of players in a standard Women's team: 6 + 2 reserve players (minimum 4 women to make up a team)

Number of players in a standard Junior or Senior team: 4 + 2 reserve players (minimum 3 players to make up a team) - male and/or female players can make up the team

Each Country must select its own Team Members, National Champions, and Wild Card spots.

We have tried to field a team for the last couple years, and spent a lot of effort deciding how to select the teams, but in the end not had anything go through.

This year we will be using a much simpler method for selecting teams.

If anyone would like to go, all you have to do is register by emailing me

If we get more than 9 players that sign up (for the Men's world cup) then all registered players will decide on a method for how we pick the team.

If only 9 players sign up, then the 9 members will decide via a vote who gets to be the coach, and the coach will have the final say on which 7 players are played in each match. It will be decided ahead of time so that two people don't show up and then not get to play at all.

The National Champion and Wild Card spots will be decided in a similar process. Everyone that is attending will have a say in which method those players are chosen.

As an example, if we get 13 players that all register, then we will proceed with the vote. To vote we will take a $50 deposit (going towards your expenses) showing that you are serious about attending. The 13 players would then be able to suggest different methods for how we choose a team from the 13 players. Some ideas might include using results from Major tournaments like the World Championships in Dallas, or having local tournaments in Canada, or just having the 13 players vote to decide on a team.

If you are one of the 13 players that does not make the team, your $50 would be refunded.

If you are one of the players that does make the team, but then decide not to attend, your money would go towards the expenses of the Team Canada Jerseys/Outfits.

If you are one of the players that does make the team, and you go on the trip, your $50 would go towards the Jerseys/Outfits.

To keep this simple, please try to keep your posts on topic and relevant. If you are not even considering going, please refrain from commenting/stirring up issues to make this process as simple as possible. My bet is that we would be lucky to find 7 players that want to go, so then that would be our team that attends.

Please email if you would like to register, the $50 deposit will not come into effect unless MORE than 7 players register.

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Aug 5 2011 12:17PM

The final day that you can Register is Aug 31/11.

Once all the registrations are in I will announce how many registrations we got. If there is more than 7 I will contact everyone privately and we will have a group discussion about how to pick the team between the players involved.

Please email to register.

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Aug 16 2011 11:55AM

We have 8 emailed registrations so far, but a few players are not 100% committed. Please register if you are interested in coming! - just let me know you are registering.

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