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Topic: Western Open hosted by Fireball

Author: Brad Laurine Original Message Posted: Aug 16 2011 10:51PM

Fireball would like to invite the Canadians to Portland, Oregon, the first weekend in Oct.

Western Open on 10 Fireball Coin Op models. These are the tables that were to have their debut in Seattle. We know how that turned out.

This event will be held at the PDX Red Lion. Free shuttle to and from the airport less than a mile away.

Please take a minute and take a look at the flier.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at Brad at Fireballtable soccer dot com

Thank you, Brad Laurine

Author: Brad Laurine Reply #1 Posted: Sep 7 2011 3:46PM

We have 3 weeks to go till the WESTERN OPEN!

Setting up room reservations at the Foosball rate at the RED LION.

Email your reservation in to: Ted, the manager, this make sure you are getting the lowest rate possible.

Request the type of bed or beds.
Nights of stay
visa number to reserve the room.

Any questions, please call the Red Lion Hotel at PDX.

Looking forward to seeing my Canadian buddies.


Author: Viper Reply #2 Posted: Sep 12 2011 8:18PM

So what is the special room rate is it 65+tax or is it lower than that?

Author: Brad Laurine Reply #3 Posted: Sep 12 2011 11:59PM

$65 plus tax is the lowest rate possible. It goes through the GM at the Red Lion. He request that we email him directly at Request the room nights, foosball group, number of beds, visa to hold the room and your name.
Look forward to a massive showing by the Canadians.

Thanks, Brad

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #4 Posted: Sep 13 2011 9:06PM

Alas, I don't think I'll be making this one. This time I want to go but have something else I need to do. Usually with foolsball, I have nothing I need to do and don't want to go.

Author: Sniff Reply #5 Posted: Sep 14 2011 11:10AM

This one is just a biiiit to far for me.

Author: Kayko Reply #6 Posted: Sep 14 2011 5:14PM

I'd like to go... looking for Amateur and Open partners (and a shared ride from Vancouver).

Author: Sniff Reply #7 Posted: Sep 14 2011 6:15PM

Not that I'm going, but, Craig how are you getting down? Driving Friday night and returning as soon as it's over on Sunday?

Author: S. Edwards Reply #8 Posted: Sep 15 2011 12:03PM

As much as I would love to go to this one, no one from Edmonton is planning to go so that makes the trip a little costly. No Boom Boom Room this year

Author: Will Reply #9 Posted: Sep 15 2011 1:05PM

Yeah, flights to the bart o are cheaper, and it has way bigger payouts... Would like to play on Fireball again, but gotta do texas instead this time.

Author: Brad Laurine Reply #10 Posted: Sep 15 2011 3:07PM

That would suck not having you guys drop down from the great white north.

The pay outs at the Bart are much bigger and Austin is a great place to party. Fireball and I were there last year. 30 tables of greased lightning.

Flights to both places, $500.00 each.

How bout two weekends... come on down! as Bob Barker would say.

Author: Will Reply #11 Posted: Sep 15 2011 3:45PM

Unfortunately I just can't do it... We'll miss this one, but I'll be at WSO next year.

Author: RezaREX Reply #12 Posted: Sep 15 2011 4:26PM

Are Canadians allowed back to the WSO?

Author: perennial underdog Reply #13 Posted: Sep 15 2011 5:55PM

Great white north?Good god,you bloody Americans!!Y'all think we live in igloos?

Besides,we like to think of them as Ice Houses.

That's o.k.,Alberta has had the best economy in NorthAmerica the last
5 years.No doubt this is at least partly due to the absence of a stellar
leader like George W.Bush,the solid C student that Y'all elected twice,not
that all Americans talk like that(just the vast majority).

All kidding aside,with our economy the way it is,that tourney should be
taking place here--with one caveat.

The aforementioned condition being that when you do decide to hold a another tourney here,the voice of foosball must accompany you as well.
Of course,I am referring to the incomparable Jim Stevens.A professional
level tournament demands a professional level commentator,indeed an
elite commentator.

Surely the mistake in judgement Tornado Foos made in excluding Jim will not
be repeated.In the short time I have known Jim and t
he few words I have exchanged with him,he impressed me as a genuine individual.Just my two cents.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #14 Posted: Sep 15 2011 7:05PM

whats wrong with being called the Great White North

We are great (at least I am )
We have snow on the ground at least 6 months of the year
We are north

BTW Geroge Bush was only elected once. The ballot was fixed for his second term. Thank florida for that screw up.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #15 Posted: Sep 16 2011 11:05PM

By the way,Brian is going down to Austin.Were presently building a shelf
at Juliet's for the hardware he is going take from those Texans.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #16 Posted: Sep 16 2011 11:25PM


Author: Brad Laurine Reply #17 Posted: Sep 18 2011 10:42PM

Ladies and Gentleman,

I hope to make it a good to great event.
We have an awesome software program that calls out the chart. Loads and feeds. Nice set up.
Bar is attached to the room for those that like to partake in Adult beverages.
10 awesome tables.
Great lighting for each table.

It should be a professional event despite being ran by Americans.

Mike Holbert picked out the Medals and Trophies, I hope you will find them attractive enough to want to win.

Any questions, please feel free to call or write me.
Brad (at) Fireballtablesoccer (dot) com or see the flier for the number.

Later, Brad

Author: Kayko Reply #18 Posted: Sep 20 2011 11:38AM

The artwork on the medals/trophies looks like a shot at Tornado... it's a foos eats foos world, isn't it.

Author: Superfly Reply #19 Posted: Sep 20 2011 2:13PM

Tornado doesn't have holes in the feet like fireball has.

Author: Superfly Reply #20 Posted: Sep 20 2011 2:18PM

Eureka! I think i just figured out why some say you can't tick tac the ball as well as on a Tornado ... hmmm. Maybe find a way to make the very sides solid yet the foot hollow ... should improve tick tac ability?

Author: Kayko Reply #21 Posted: Sep 20 2011 6:48PM

Tornado foos men have different shaped holes, but has them nevertheless.

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