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Topic: $15,000 Rumble at Runaway Bay streaming

Author: Superfly Original Message Posted: Aug 26 2011 1:38AM

I believe Inside Foos will have free streaming of this event starting Friday at 8 p.m. Texas time ...

Author: .Garry Reply #1 Posted: Aug 27 2011 1:47PM

here's the charts

Author: spinner Reply #2 Posted: Aug 27 2011 8:19PM

haha.. Moya actually went.. seen her live streaming prancing around!!

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Aug 28 2011 12:06PM

Christian and Simon are playing against each other for kingseat in Expert Singles!

Author: C.A.L. Reply #4 Posted: Aug 28 2011 2:01PM

Simon took the King seat.

They also achieved 4th in Expert Doubles, maybe they could of been higher there.

Fine effort so far no matters.

Author: C.A.L. Reply #5 Posted: Aug 28 2011 3:41PM

Christian now will play Simon in the Final for Expert singles. That will be a 1-2 finish for Edmonton dudes.

Well done !

Author: Will Reply #6 Posted: Aug 28 2011 3:56PM

Christian won easily to get back to the final, winning 5-0 in game 2.

Author: The Next One. Reply #7 Posted: Aug 28 2011 4:02PM

Damn, 15k for a tournament with 40 ppl!!


Author: perennial underdog Reply #8 Posted: Aug 28 2011 4:28PM

Congrats,Simon,for winning expert singles!

Author: Will Reply #9 Posted: Aug 28 2011 4:35PM

Congrats to Christian too, great playing both of you.

Author: Will Reply #10 Posted: Aug 28 2011 8:39PM

Darcy took 2nd in Am doubles, Dan took 5th in Am doubles! Good job guys!

Author: spinner Reply #11 Posted: Aug 28 2011 9:12PM

Haha.. Good jobs you guys.. see you in dallas

Author: S. Edwards Reply #12 Posted: Aug 29 2011 2:11AM

Tuan, change your flight. We are hitting up the strippers for the next two days. Except Darcy. The Evel Mormon.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #13 Posted: Aug 29 2011 2:37AM

Sorry, I meant folk dancers

Author: spinner Reply #14 Posted: Aug 29 2011 4:12PM

haha.. i wish!! thank god wife doesnt check this site..

Author: perennial underdog Reply #15 Posted: Aug 29 2011 4:29PM

I think what Simon meant to say was that they were going to support the
candy stripers the local hospital ...or something along those lines.

Because,like Simon,I ,too,am totally against watching partially clad or even worse,completely naked women prancing around on stage!!!

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