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Topic: Last day to register for Team Canada

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Aug 30 2011 12:17PM

If you want to try out/apply for Team Canada to represent our country in France, you have to have your application in tomorrow. to sign up, we have quite a few registrations now so we will be trying to find a way to pick the team between the registered players.

Author: domi nate Reply #1 Posted: Aug 30 2011 2:37PM

$100 says a few people, specifically those few who do not make the team, get really pissed off with the way.

Author: Sniff Reply #2 Posted: Aug 30 2011 5:50PM

Can we not post pone until after Worlds? Good results for some people may change how they feel.

Just some food for thought.

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Aug 31 2011 12:22PM

Players that may change there mind later should just sign up now, you always have the option to back out until we decide on the team. Then you have to send in the $50 if you want to continue, or just back out at that time. In retrospect that is a great idea to wait until after Worlds. I was thinking we might need to use Worlds as a tiebreaker for any decisions about who is on the team, but it doesn't look like that will happen.

Anyway if someone is considering potentially coming, they should sign up so they can be included on the discussion of how and when we will pick our team. If they decide to back out later, because there worlds results were not up to snuff then that would be fine.

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