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Topic: Western Canada Points Update

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Sep 29 2011 4:50PM

First off, a huge thank you to Ben Wilkins for doing 100% of the result entering for this points update. It took a LONG time to do, because we ran the last tournament on Charts that don't exist in the netfoos database. Ben got everything worked out with hard work and outside the box thinking, so we are now officially set for points. In the future we will be able to do points updates within a couple days of a tournament ending.

The only changes that have been made to this from the last update is that the results from the West Edmonton Mall Fireball tournament are entered. The only way to gain or lose points is by playing in events that are run in Western Canada.

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Sep 29 2011 4:50PM

Dunn, Eric 1849 Pro Master
Botros, Matt 1797 Pro Master
Ramjag, Joey 1731 Pro Master
Popowich, Darrel 1657 Pro Master
Shaw, Justin 1628 Pro Master
Dunn, Christian 1561 Pro Master
Phan, Tuan 1559 Pro Master
Williams, Craig 1523 Pro Master
Goodman, Eric 1503 Pro Master
Loeppky, Brian 1466 Pro Master
Stranks, Will 1465 Pro
Hood, Jack 1465 Pro
Edwards, Simon 1440 Pro
Ross, Todd 1431 Pro
Tong, Tony 1430 Pro
Karmis, Ang 1425 Pro Master
Szeto, Nelson 1414 Pro
Macdonald, Tom 1403 Pro
Tavares, Hugo 1403 Pro
Lee, Sean 1403 Pro
Trynchuk, Dale 1400 Pro
Gee, Paul 1397 Pro
Udell, Andy 1394 Pro
Kehoe, Eric 1394 Pro
Schneider, Jeff 1368 Pro
Tran, Nhu 1367 Pro
Quan, Fred 1367 Pro
Burgardt, Garry 1362 Pro
Ahn, Dave 1358 Pro
Ustina, Greg 1348 Pro
Lawrence, Shane 1347 Pro
Demello, Ivor 1346 Pro
Meister, Gerry 1331 Pro
Wilson, Tim 1302 Pro
Farries, Kent 1295 Pro
Willick, Barry 1251 Pro
Archibald, Ted 1234 Expert
Penner, Roger 1224 Pro
Wilkins, Ben 1201 Expert
Streifel, Nathan 1179 Expert
Koo, Peter 1154 Expert
Ly, Linda 1150 Expert
Cyrene, Dale 1149 Expert
D, Ben 1148 Expert
Mckenna, Pat 1133 Expert
Campbell, Lance 1133 Expert
Luft, Carey 1122 Expert
Kippen, Rick 1099 Expert
S, Greg 1097 Expert
Van Melle, Nathan 1093 Expert
Daly, Ritchie 1092 Expert
Scaife, Darcy 1088 Expert
Demello, Chris 1084 Expert
Mentis, Tony 1074 Expert
Rupertus, Lindsey 1070 Expert
Phuong, Dylan 1062 Expert
Simeon, Jamie 1062 Expert
Verkley, Vern 1051 Expert
Allen, Greg 1051 Expert
Nguyen, Tri 1035 Expert
Chin, Anthony 1014 Expert
Rans, Jeremy 1011 Expert
Johnston, Mike 1008 Expert
Frenzel, Jordan 997 Expert
Chan, Willie 989 Expert
Wilkins, Sam 989 Amateur
Myszczyszyn, Tobin 988 Expert
Kerr, Chris 982 Amateur
Cortez, Allan 982 Amateur
Strawson, Matt 966 Amateur
Saetre, Marty 955 Amateur
Welch, Chris 950 Amateur
Porat, Nate 948 Amateur
Choi, Ronnie 942 Amateur
Brodt, Danny 941 Amateur
Burgess, Brian 939 Amateur
Tran, Vanson 938 Amateur
Giang, Clarence 930 Amateur
Wong, Kevin 927 Amateur
Radke, Lance 925 Amateur
Spencer, Chad 917 Amateur
M, Zarko 917 Amateur
S, Ahman 915 Amateur
Blackstock, Paul 915 Amateur
Ash, Sean 914 Amateur
Karmis, Pete 914 Amateur
F, Brad 913 Amateur
Ennis, Mark 912 Amateur
X, Bau 911 Amateur
X, Paul 911 Amateur
P, Andre 910 Amateur
X, Graham 910 Amateur
Yeung, James 908 Amateur
Campbell, Carmen 906 Amateur
Jones, Carlie 902 Amateur
X, Marty 901 Amateur
Wong, Felix 901 Amateur
Jamerson, Rick 899 Amateur
X, Eric 897 Amateur
Kimber, Daniel 897 Amateur
X, Tony 895 Amateur
Ryder, Michelle 894 Amateur
Siever, Shaun 894 Amateur
G, Sean 894 Amateur
Monson, Steve 894 Amateur
Jones, Darrel 893 Amateur
Kimo, Kelly 893 Amateur
Wagensveld, Jay 893 Amateur
X, Steven 893 Amateur
X, Johnny 893 Amateur
Wheeler, Dan 892 Amateur
Poplawski, Owen 892 Amateur
Nguyen, Peter 892 Amateur
Turner, Jim 892 Amateur
C, John 892 Amateur
Gallant, Chris 891 Amateur
Hill, Graham 888 Amateur
Owsley, Zan 888 Amateur
Kwan, Conrad 888 Amateur
La, Ed 888 Amateur
McDonald, Sandy 887 Amateur
Bombak, Taras 887 Amateur
Lishingman, Jeff 887 Amateur
X, Adam 887 Amateur
Whiteside, Jamie 886 Amateur
Sinclair, Carolyn 885 Amateur
X, Hank 885 Amateur
X, Andy 885 Amateur
C, Roland 885 Amateur
H, Frank 885 Amateur
Ammon, Bodie 885 Amateur
Johnson, Curtis 885 Amateur
Szarko, Rob 884 Amateur
Wong, Gary 884 Amateur
Robichaud, Ray 884 Amateur
Roberts, Bill 884 Amateur
Phillips, Adam 884 Amateur
Crocket, Ben 884 Amateur
Tse, Desmond 882 Amateur
Hasiuk, Jody 882 Amateur
Lee, Robyn 882 Amateur
X, Grace 882 Amateur
Chau, Lisa 882 Amateur
Marner, Danny 880 Amateur
Forsythe, Joel 880 Amateur
Phenix, Garret 880 Amateur
Djackovic, Christof 880 Amateur
X, Minh 878 Amateur
J, Chad 878 Amateur
C, Derk 877 Amateur
Cabay, Codey 874 Amateur
K, Bryan 874 Amateur
Rowein, Devin 872 Amateur
R, Orlando 872 Amateur
Vuong, Jennifer 871 Amateur
S, Scott 871 Amateur
K, John 871 Amateur
Forsythe, Aaron 870 Amateur
X, Jarett 870 Amateur
C, Norman 870 Amateur
Humberstone, Paul 870 Amateur
E, Martin 867 Amateur
Grande, Aaron 863 Amateur
Burnett, Sean 855 Amateur
Gibson, Katy 853 Amateur
Phillips, Mike 847 Amateur
M, Ryan 843 Amateur
Wilkins, Isaiah 842 Amateur
Boyko, Keith 833 Amateur
Schiebelbien, Karli 824 Amateur

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Sep 29 2011 4:51PM

Please read the following guidelines explaining how the point system works:

Western Canada Foosball Points are calculated using the Elo system which is a major point system used in many sports and games to accurately keep track of players points. In each match a player plays they are either awarded or deducted points based on the result of that match, also bonus points are awarded for placing well in events.

In an Elo system, if two equally ranked players compete against each other in an open event, the winner is awarded 16 points and the loser is
deducted 16 points.

If a high ranked player beats a low ranked player, with 400 points separating the players, the higher ranked player would win 2 points, while the lower ranked player would be deducted 2 points.

If a high ranked player loses to a low ranked player, with 400 points separating the players, the higher ranked player would lose 30 points, while the lower ranked player would gain 30 points.

There are also bonus points awarded for placing near the top of an event. The amount of bonus points is determined by the amount of players/teams in an event and the caliber of the event.

The above examples are for Open events. Decrease all the gained, lost, and bonus numbers in half for Expert or Amatuer events.

In our system we are using a base points for players based on the players rank in 2008.

Players not residing in Western Canada are included in the points system for the newest publishing after each tournament they attend. If they miss one they are still in the system, but will not be posted in our

Player ranks for upcoming tournaments are based on points.
The parameters for players ranks are subject to change based on point fluctuation in the group of players.
To be ranked Pro Master in this point system you must have more than 1500 points or win multiple Open titles in Western Canada.

To become ranked Pro in this point system you must have more than 1300 points

To become ranked Expert in this point system you must have more than 1000 points

To drop a rank you must fall 100 points below the threshold of points - I.E. for a Pro to become an Expert they would have to drop to 1200 or less

Author: perennial underdog Reply #3 Posted: Sep 29 2011 7:48PM

I,too,would like to thank Ben Wilkins for his efforts.

However,using my new one of a kind Ramjag Computational chart,which
can only be used during a full eclipse of the moon,I have deduced that,
while Ben's efforts are laudable they have,in fact,produced an inescapable
but obvious mathematical error.

The aforementioned computational chart leads to the true and just Western Canadian Points Update that says I should actually have an
additional 119 points.

Author: Darcy Reply #4 Posted: Sep 29 2011 7:49PM

Hey, I beat that guy!

Author: Robert G Reply #5 Posted: Oct 2 2011 10:03PM

Why am I not on the list????

Author: Will Reply #6 Posted: Oct 3 2011 3:16PM

Because you haven't played in any tournaments in Western Canada since at least April 2008.

Either someone in BC would have to organize a major, or you would have to come to Alberta or Saskatchewan for a tournament to get ranked.

Author: Robert G Reply #7 Posted: Oct 4 2011 3:03AM

thx will

Author: Pixel Reply #8 Posted: Oct 12 2011 1:22PM

I'm confused - how is it that Hugo, Nhu, and Sean are on that list, but I am not?

Author: Will Reply #9 Posted: Oct 12 2011 8:57PM

I deleted your name out along with Kane, Tony, Ryan, etc (players not living in western canada that also didn't attend the most recent tournament). I mistakenly did not delete the other mentioned players. For the record you have 1567 points.

Author: Pixel Reply #10 Posted: Oct 14 2011 11:34AM

Satisfied :D

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