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Author: Superfly Original Message Posted: Oct 1 2011 1:41PM

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Author: Kayko Reply #1 Posted: Oct 3 2011 4:01PM

Yeah, it was a fun weekend overall. Didn't play great, but considering I survived the weekend without being able to adapt any kind of long recoiled pull, I couldn't have expected any better. The goalie wars loss to Fosner stung though. Guess no one else cares that much about GW...

Glad to be back on a Tornado.

Author: Superfly Reply #2 Posted: Oct 3 2011 5:47PM

"Glad to be back on a Tornado."

Say's the Fireball rep ... .

Author: Kayko Reply #3 Posted: Oct 3 2011 10:57PM

Well, I say that as the player who is more familiar with the Tornado feel. But there were several players who stroke the long or deadman pull great on the Fireball, Craig included.

That said, I'm also a Tornado rep, ... so I can have a preference, right? :D

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