Topic: Wednesday or Thursday night foos?

Author: Barry Original Message Posted: Oct 11 2011 1:32PM

I'll be in Vancouver Wednesday and Thursday nights this week. Do you guys still have a regular Wednesday foos night at Soho?

Author: Sniff Reply #1 Posted: Oct 11 2011 5:02PM

Wednesday generally has some people down for sure. It varies between a couple and a lot.

Author: discosucks Reply #2 Posted: Oct 12 2011 5:56PM

I'll be there around 8.

Author: Superfly Reply #3 Posted: Oct 12 2011 6:01PM

Maybe if my food digests in time ... burp .

Author: Barry Reply #4 Posted: Oct 12 2011 6:04PM

Nice.... I'm planning on showing up tonite too.

Author: Barry Reply #5 Posted: Oct 13 2011 10:09AM

Thanks for the games last night guys.... had a great time!

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