Topic: Trash talk anyone?

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Oct 25 2011 2:11PM

Come out tonight and defend your points Christian! Some people have been saying they think you are just scared to lose so you don't come to Time Out!

Ray: Your banks suck, and they are slow!

Sam: You still have girly bieber arms!

Roger: You can't keep up with my hand speed!

Garry: I'm gonna race you!

Cam: Nice results at the Bart'O, lets see you win something in Edmonton!

Chris: The holes are getting bigger in your D!

Jamie: You probably won't even read this!

Christian: Your 5 bar d sucks!

Author: Chris.K Reply #1 Posted: Oct 25 2011 4:01PM

Thats it, Im puttin on my try hard pants tonight!
Just remember Will, My Holes look biggest just before I suck you into hitting my D!

and Brush Passing SUCKS! lol

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Oct 25 2011 4:58PM

Chris... your telling me that hole is there as a bait? Lets just say I'm not going to be counting to three when I see the hole is open...

Brush passing sucks when you are defending it, I agree!

Author: Chris.K Reply #3 Posted: Oct 25 2011 6:15PM

I plan on stopping your shot 11 out of 10 times. Anything less would be a huge disappointment. As for brush passing: Even Sam with his girly bieber arms could through out a brush pass. lol Time you learned to pass like a Pro.

Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Oct 25 2011 6:36PM

At least we agree on Sam's girly bieber arms...

11 out of 10 is fine - assuming you think your going to be blocking my rollover... 5 bar hack!

Author: perennial underdog Reply #5 Posted: Oct 25 2011 8:24PM

The gratuitous violence displayed at the end of reply number 3 is both
shocking and delightful!!

It's unfortunate you are comparing Sam to a 14 year old boy but I hope
to see video evidence of foos revenge of some sort.

Author: Will Reply #6 Posted: Oct 26 2011 5:20PM

Joe: Your 5 bar is better off hacking than passing!

Author: perennial underdog Reply #7 Posted: Oct 26 2011 6:48PM

That's a low blow!!!I didn't compare you to a 14 year old boy,Will!!??

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