Topic: Dukes Thursday

Author: Darcy Original Message Posted: Oct 26 2011 4:05PM

Pro/Am this week. First pitcher is on me... first one there gets to pick what kind.

We'll start at 8 again so hopefully Will and Chad can make another appearance... last week was fantastic. Oilers game will also be on. I hope to have the finals vid from last week up tomorrow to get people in the mood for some foosball tomorrow night.

Will likely be taping the finals for tomorrow's dyp as well!

What do you guys think about adding a special prize for the player who appears on video the most before Christmas?

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Oct 26 2011 5:19PM

Sounds awesome, I'll come out.

Can't wait to see the video from the finals!

Author: .Garry Reply #2 Posted: Oct 26 2011 8:07PM

I'll be there

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