Topic: Tonight! Foosball Fun!

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Nov 1 2011 1:13PM

Tonight we are doing Singles, it should be awesome!

Every tier will be divided into about 4 players each, with as fair/equal skill level players as possible. Hoping to make sure everyone has a good time and a shot at winning.

Author: cnote Reply #1 Posted: Nov 1 2011 4:15PM

I will be there at 10:45pm after my soccer practice to have a go at the champion of the top tier. $10.00 bet I get 1 goal spot and the ball. Best of three. Hope the champ will accept this challenge.

Author: Darcy Reply #2 Posted: Nov 1 2011 4:27PM

Just a heads up for the champ tonight.... quick flip two hole.

Sorry Chad.

Author: cnote Reply #3 Posted: Nov 1 2011 4:45PM

"Just a heads up for the champ tonight" Sounds like you have all ready ruled yourself out of being the champ Darcy. Is that because you know you can't win? Or are you just mouthing off and not even going to show?

Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Nov 1 2011 5:29PM

I'll accept that challenge if I am lucky enough to scrap out the win. Of course SCD is supposed to be attending, so you will probably lose your $10 to him

Author: Will Reply #5 Posted: Nov 1 2011 5:34PM

In all seriousness, Chad has been destroying everyone in singles for the better part of a month. In the last 50 games we have played he is probably up about 30 - 20... so watch your back Tier 1 winner.

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