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Topic: DYP - November 10th

Author: hardboiled Original Message Posted: Nov 10 2011 11:06AM

I'll add money again this week if we get more than 12 players....and....

I've brought the official tour magazine back from Oklahoma, and will also have some extra elastics for those who bought wraps last week.

Author: TR Reply #1 Posted: Nov 10 2011 1:11PM

Out this week and next.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #2 Posted: Nov 10 2011 3:35PM

I'm also out this week,Andy.I have the flu.

Author: tony Reply #3 Posted: Nov 10 2011 4:09PM

i will be there. if we're having a draw can we please start it before 8? when we don't it runs into past 11 and that gets late for some people.

Author: Linda Reply #4 Posted: Nov 11 2011 12:36AM

1. Eric and Willy
2. Linda and Anthony
3. Darrel and Mike

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