Topic: Johnny Boy!!!

Author: spinner Original Message Posted: Nov 12 2011 10:30PM

And you think pacman is a match for Mayweather??? LOLOLOL
HARD!!!! Actually wanted Pacman to win so he will fight Mayweather, but we all know who really won this fight tonight.. Mayweather gonna skunk him like he did Marquez!!! hahaha

Author: Superfly Reply #1 Posted: Nov 12 2011 11:23PM

Now i know you are blind as a bat LMAO.

578 by Pacquiao vs 236 by Marquez punches thrown 176 by Pacquiao vs 138 by Marquez connected and 117 by Pacquiao vs 100 by Marquez power punches thrown.

You really have no clue as to what you are seeing ... Manny will rip a hole in Gayweather, lets see what Floyds excuse not to fight him will be this time?

Author: Superfly Reply #2 Posted: Nov 12 2011 11:29PM

Floyd's a fool, everybody knows it including you haha ...

Author: spinner Reply #3 Posted: Nov 13 2011 9:35AM

hustle should not win the fight.. if out hits win then marquez should have won last two fight against paquiao. just count how many times paquao head bounce back compared to maruesz. precision!! Marquez coasted last two rounds cause dumb coach said was in the bag while rovch crying for manny to knock marquez down cause he felt manny was losing.. that was the difference. you and i are not expert but stewart os and he even said after this performance Mayweather is laughing and anytime any minute.. bottom line manny should have watch Mayweather angainst marquez maybe he will learn something... marquez could not even win one round ..haha enough said

Author: spinner Reply #4 Posted: Nov 13 2011 10:06AM

just go to boxing forums and your know what expert and even paquiao own fans are saying. bleachers report even has a vote counter up and its not even close.. for marquez..

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