Topic: The Freddy Christmas Classic

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Original Message Posted: Nov 14 2011 2:59AM

The Freddy Christmas Classic is going ahead again this year!

Though a little different format this year.
No hockey sweaters. No Chinese stuff at all. Just cold, hard cash.

Anyone who beats me gets $100
Anyone who can score with a snakeshot on me gets $100
In fact anyone who can score any kind of goal on me gets $100

The date is December 23rd
The location is Tanzania!

I will be on Safari SUCKERS!

Have yourself a Malaria... I mean a Merry Christmas!


Author: van_can_foos Reply #1 Posted: Nov 14 2011 10:39AM

Ha ha ha!

We'll miss you here Fred! Have a good (& hot) Christmas.


Author: Superfly Reply #2 Posted: Nov 14 2011 11:51AM

"I will be on Safari SUCKERS!"

Ah, the great MZUNGU. Bone up on your Swahili ... Tanzania ... great choice.

Serengeti plains ... Mount Kilimanjaro, take a side trip to Zanzibar.

FredRock, this will be a trip of a lifetime ... enjoy .

Author: The Next One. Reply #3 Posted: Nov 14 2011 9:12PM

Hey Fred, how have u been! Glad your still foosing... I've been stuck here in Alberta for a few months now rebuilding a building from the ground up. Seem like forever without foos. Have a blast broseph!

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #4 Posted: Nov 14 2011 9:44PM

Hi all. Leave for Nairobi (nicknamed Nairobbery) this Monday. Then fly to Rwanda then to Uganda to see Gorillas. You track them on foot and gently enter their environment. If they confront you, you look away and kneel down. I will be scared shirtless if that happens. Then back to Nairobi and Tanzania where real safari begins. By land rover and tent. Lion, leopard, elephant, zebra, Giraffe, etc. One hotel has patio where wild giraffes approach to be fed by hand. Don't sound so wild to me. Then off to Cape Town and then 1 week tbd. Thinking Ethiopia. Totally 2 months then will be flat broke.

Might do some foos in Cape Town but have tennis elbow so need to rehab first.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Author: Kayko Reply #5 Posted: Nov 14 2011 10:01PM

Sounds pretty awesome. Travel safe.

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