Topic: Friday foos 11/18/2011

Author: Kayko Original Message Posted: Nov 18 2011 9:21AM

Going to brave the light snow and head down tonight to witness grown men argue about loonies, bitch about weak shots and bad defenses, complain about how the game's no fun anymore, beat the shit out of jammed coin mechs, talk about how the other guy only one because he was lucky, and listen to Johnny and Tuan debate who the best boxer is.

Another fun night of foos. See you guys there!

Author: Kayko Reply #1 Posted: Nov 18 2011 9:22AM

Oh, and an emoticon to make it tongue in cheek.

Author: Kayko Reply #2 Posted: Nov 18 2011 9:24AM

*"won" not "one".
I'm going back to sleep

Author: Sniff Reply #3 Posted: Nov 18 2011 10:34AM

Yes...much to early for a foos post....

Author: Superfly Reply #4 Posted: Nov 18 2011 2:51PM

Yeah, I should be down to heckle from the peanut gallery for a few hours. Speaking of peanut gallery, where you at Rook Mikey ...

Author: The Rook Reply #5 Posted: Nov 18 2011 5:26PM

Yeah, I grew tired of putting you in the peanut gallery with my lucky game. You ready to play me again Johnny? I'll bring my biggest horseshoe tonight! =)

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