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Topic: Fooser travels in time

Author: Chaos_Plus_Three Original Message Posted: Nov 18 2011 5:29PM

I just got my theory on brain activity onto the web, have a look, and pass it on, it's the unified field theory, and there's no calculus, go figure ...!

Author: Sniff Reply #1 Posted: Nov 18 2011 5:46PM

Neat painting of a mouse. I'll have to get some headphones to listen at work, but, my neurons are firing.

Author: Sniff Reply #2 Posted: Nov 18 2011 5:48PM


Author: Chaos_Plus_Three Reply #3 Posted: Nov 19 2011 8:02PM

Thanks, I was going to do a real mouse and a computer mouse in the same picture but jammed out. I kept this mouse because it's kind of kool and people hate mice but they help us, we've killed hundreds of billions of them in the name of science. The picture I was surprised to like as much as I do is the foosball players I've got hanging in the background. Just looking at it makes me want to practice more.

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