Topic: Nice Coin Opps for sale

Author: Bank Machine Original Message Posted: Nov 23 2011 10:48AM

Check out these coin opps for sale.

1. This is a new coin opp made for those confined spaces where you may not be able to have a full size table.

2. Itailian Coin Opp not sure what type, do you know?

Author: Cam. Reply #1 Posted: Nov 23 2011 1:48PM

#2 is the roberto sport coin op

Author: Bank Machine Reply #2 Posted: Nov 23 2011 11:01PM

#1 the Torpedo would be tuff playing doubles...ha ha

#2 Roberto Sport looks kind of cool, are these any good and do they use at tournaments? is this a Roberto Sport

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Nov 23 2011 11:21PM

Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Nov 23 2011 11:27PM

The only good Roberto Sports are the ITSF models, that do not have telescoping rods.

Author: C.A.L. Reply #5 Posted: Nov 24 2011 5:54AM

Will could Team Canada have to play on any Telescoping tables during the France tournament coming up?

Have any improvements been achieved by these model types recently? Are they a non-factor for tournament players to consider presently?

Author: Will Reply #6 Posted: Nov 24 2011 10:06AM

Yes, we will be competing on the Bonzini table at the World Cup - the only table of the 5 Official tables with telescoping rods. It is VERY different from the Roberto Sport for sale above.

The Roberto Sport Adrenaline - which is the ITSF table, is actually quite a reasonable table. The surface is not bad, you can shoot a variety of shots and do passing series etc. There is no comparing the one for sale on Kijiji and the actual ITSF table. Different rods, layout of where the men are, shape of the foot, handle, ball, size of table, weight of table, surface, cabinet, etc. It is a completely redesigned table.

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