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Author: Will Original Message Posted: Nov 23 2011 1:49PM

Last night at Time Out we had a really nice turnout again - although the tournament ran a little later than we normally would because we (I) got caught up watching the hockey game instead of starting the tournament on time!

The event was really fun, as we did a High/Low tournament - meaning the highest ranked player partners up with the player with the least points and the second highest ranked player partners up with the person with the second least points.

In the opening round Chad and Ray had a great match against Jamie and Taras. Jamie was picking some really tight holes on his 3 bar and passing really well too, but Chad and Ray battled hard with Chad's 5 row really doing well offensively.

Kieran - who has made it out a few times recently - and I were partnered up. Kieran is a player that has a lot of game still from the Brown top Million Dollar table days, and you could really see it translate into his play now. Banking and a very typical TS defence were major parts of his game, but the best part about partnering with Kieran was the way he never gave up on a ball and fought for every inch. A few times shots or deflections would make it through on net and he would pull of miracle saves.

Chris Kerr and Steve Monson really came out flying knocking off #2 seed Roger and Scott - Chris was passing lights out, with his combination of Wall, Lane, Off-the-wall-uphill, and stick to the middle man passes. Chris has perfected the series with the tic-tac and being able to read the defence... then pick whichever hole he wants and just smoke the ball through. On the 3 row Chris was again methodical, rocking the ball in rollover position and timing the hole that opened for him. He hit a lot of tight middle/split shots and was getting the ball really deep to both sides of the net - it was perfection.

In the pits for Chris - Steve was putting on a show too. Steve blocked everyone really well, first Roger but then in the second match against Chad and Ray too. In the kingseat match Chris and Steve played against Kieran and I, who fought through the other side of the chart beating Ritchie and Maria and then Conrad and Ed. Chris kept up his really good work on the 5 and found some shooting success against Kieran. It went to 3-2 in the 3rd game for us when Steve took a time out and then switched to go up front. Chris made the clears/blocks and Steve put the match away taking them to the final.

In the B side, Kieran and I played Chad and Ray for 3rd or better. In game 1 Chad scored from up front - then switched and went back and put away 3 monstrous 2 bar goals, Ray also scored a push shot and they had 5-0'd us quicker than I have seen before. In Game 2 Kieran came out hot and put away two more banks... which he found a way to hit consistently throughout the night. We ended up fighting back to win the match and move on to play in the final against Chris and Steve again.

In the final I found my shot really well and Kieran was blocking really well. Chris and Steve tried a few switches but couldn't really get things rolling this time around. Kieran and I took both sets and won the tournament.

1st Kieran and Will
2nd Chris Kerr and Steve
3rd Chad and Ray

Points to follow when I'm on a computer with excel

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Nov 24 2011 7:53PM

Edwards, Simon 1634
Stranks, Will 1615
Dunn, Christian 1566
Wilkins, Ben 1339
Burgardt, Garry 1324
Scaife, Darcy 1235
McDonald, Tom 1213
Penner, Roger 1087
Luft, Carey 1075
Myszczyszyn, Tobin 995
Simeon, Jamie 979
Tse, Desmond 976
Kerr, Chris 963
Johnston, Mike 958
Robichaud, Ray 952
Smithson, Justin 946
Kwan, Conrad 945
Rupertus, Lindsey 936
Monson, Steve 932
Wilkins, Sam 929
Trynchuk, Dale 925
Daly, Ritchie 924
Gish, Brian 923
Rowein, Devin 918
Kimber, Daniel 917
Jones, Darrel 916
L, Tony 899
Demelo, Ivor 898
Gallant, Chris 896
Spencer, Chad 890
Burrows, Cam 887
Schnieder, Jeff 887
Dick, Matt 882
Campbell, Lance 880
Kippen, Rick 874
T, Jeff 870
So, Albert 870
Jones, Carlie 869
Goin, Jake 868
X, Paul 866
Nasir, Uzair 865
L, Gerald 860
Green, James 859
Deeg, Phil 855
Hopfner, Jordan 854
Belchamber, Mike 853
Perira, Carlos 852
Jones, Patrick 849
Kelly, Brad 849
Dacruz, Paul 846
Phenix, Garret 846
X, Darnel 841
Blair, Scott 840
Jordan, Darren 837
Karmis, Pete 835
Marner, Danny 832
x, Liane 832
X, Eric 830
Szajko, Rob 830
X, Elliot 830
Crockett!!, Ben 827
x, Ryan 825
Humberstone, Paul 825
Taft, Spencer 824
Lehman, Blair 823
Volkman, Dallyn 822
Faulkner, Stephanii 822
x, Bob 820
Xtra, X 819
Wood, Greg 818
B, Taras 818
Wong, Felix 818
Djakovic, Christoff 816
X, Corey 815
Thompson, Ray 815
Campbell, Carmen 811
Bozman, Kieran 811
Gibson, katy 809
W, Garret 809
Procaccini, Tony 808
Hugenschmidt, Colin 807
Moses, Kevin 807
Phillips, Mike 806
O''Stream, Don 806
M, Judah 804
C, Erek 803
Hasiuk, Jody 803
K, Mike 803
Moir, Zak 803
X, Jarrell 802
Forsythe, Joel 802
Hodinski, Jasmine 801
Bennett, Doug 801
Baayens, Dean 801

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