Topic: skills?

Author: hynce Original Message Posted: Dec 3 2011 11:56AM

Hi I moved to Van a few weeks ago and would love to play. What is the skill level of those playing. I'm not a total beginner but certainly far from expert.


Author: Robert G Reply #1 Posted: Dec 3 2011 12:55PM

Author: Robert G Reply #2 Posted: Dec 3 2011 12:58PM

most of us come out on fridays although wednesday sunday some do show up and some funzys on saturday

Author: hynce Reply #3 Posted: Dec 3 2011 2:44PM

Thx Robert. I guess I'll just drop in some time and see if this makes sense. Seems like everyone's pretty good in here.

Author: Nelson Reply #4 Posted: Dec 7 2011 12:34AM

Don't worry. Robert's not very good.

Author: Robert G Reply #5 Posted: Dec 8 2011 10:52PM

so says the one trick pony......

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