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Topic: 2012 ITSF World Cup - Team Canada

Author: Pixel Original Message Posted: Dec 4 2011 4:52PM

Hello all,

With the goal of raising awareness and support for Canada's 2012 team that is heading to compete in the World Cup in France, we are pleased to announce the official launch of , and its associated Facebook page, .

Please take a look at the site, "like" the page on Facebook, spread the word to family and friends, and show support for your country's team!


PS - A special thanks to my girlfriend Terri, who's done a LOT of work on this so far, and will continue to help us with promotions and content.

Author: F.Q. Reply #1 Posted: Dec 4 2011 5:25PM

Awesome work! Kick some butt at the World Cup!!

Author: Darcy Reply #2 Posted: Dec 5 2011 4:56PM


Author: .Garry Reply #3 Posted: Dec 5 2011 6:54PM

Great site!

You have Ken Alwell as your coach... nice!

Having a legend from the early years of foos is an advantage.

Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Dec 21 2011 3:41PM

There have been a few updates to this site, lots of posting and commenting!

To stay updated with Team Canada this year, always check the site. We won't be making it to computers much to be able to post on here, but that site will be getting updated!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #5 Posted: Dec 21 2011 4:05PM

"I enjoy hockey, skiing, golfing, and long moonlit walks on the beach." ROFL what about Crown Royal and sleeping in bath tubs?

Author: Will Reply #6 Posted: Dec 21 2011 5:45PM

You can leave comments like that on his profile if you want! Somebody FISTed my profile lol.

Author: Will Reply #7 Posted: Dec 22 2011 5:05PM

There is a cool article about Nhu Tran up on the site now too!

Author: wilkins Reply #8 Posted: Jan 1 2012 10:32PM

Here is a link to follow the round robin and elimination rounds at the World Cup/Championships

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