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Topic: Tournament Soccer Blue Top on Kijiji

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Dec 15 2011 3:14PM

I'm not sure who put this up on Kijiji - but it actually looks like it is in great condition. These were the top of the line table used by the pro tour back in the day. I'm sure some of the longer time foosers from right now have lemon pledge memories and stories about the blue top. Here is the ad that is posted:

Restored former coin-op arcade style Tournament Soccer Foosball table from the late 1970s. Sturdy ‘butcher block’ style frame. Original blue top.

Includes extra spare parts shown

Author: perennial underdog Reply #1 Posted: Dec 15 2011 4:27PM

In fact,this is not an original blue top table.The surface or playing field is
certainly original,and in remarkable condition.

However,the men and the handles are from the brown top,which was a
more playable table.

Nonetheless,it was a pleasure seeing it.

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Dec 15 2011 4:32PM

I was kinda wondering, I wasn't around Foos (or even around) back then... but I thought the men had hats and shorts in blue or red based on which team they are.

The surface looks really nice, and the exterior is obviously redone, missing the horizontal rainbow stripes, but still looks good.

Author: Bank Machine Reply #3 Posted: Dec 15 2011 5:00PM

I was looking at this before, and if I had a larger area it probably would have been in my games room as well. I actually learned on the old blue top 5 hundred thousand dollar tables back in the days when I was doing work experience at the local arcade in New Sarepta just outside Edmonton. A dream job for a 14 year old kid. This is what those tables looked like as far as I remember.

Regardless, thats a great looking restored table on kijiji.would be a blast to play on one again.

Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Dec 15 2011 5:35PM

No hats, just a cool hairdo. Fireball is bringing back hair styles!

My favorite look for a man is the Warrior dudes with sunglasses.

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