Topic: Tuesday Night Results and Points Update

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Dec 15 2011 6:56PM

Well... Tuesday was my Birthday... Its a good thing the charts were written down.

Here are some details that I remember from the tournament:

Results -
Tier 1 DYP:
1st Jamie and Christian
2nd Will and Chris
3rd Ray and Carey

Tier 2 DYP:
1st Des and Ed
2nd Christoff and Dan
3rd Mike and Scott

Points Update:
1 Stranks, Will 1663
2 Edwards, Simon 1619
3 Dunn, Christian 1610
4 Wilkins, Ben 1351
5 Burgardt, Garry 1330
6 Scaife, Darcy 1255
7 Luft, Carey 1101
8 Penner, Roger 1063
9 Simeon, Jamie 1022
10 Tse, Desmond 1017
Myszczyszyn, Tobin 995
Kwan, Conrad 967
Johnston, Mike 952
Kimber, Daniel 948
Wilkins, Sam 948
Kerr, Chris 942
Rupertus, Lindsey 936
Trynchuk, Dale 925
Gish, Brian 923
Rowein, Devin 918
Jones, Darrel 916
Robichaud, Ray 901
L, Tony 899
Demelo, Ivor 898
Monson, Steve 897
Gallant, Chris 896
Spencer, Chad 893
Schnieder, Jeff 887
Dick, Matt 882
Campbell, Lance 880
Kippen, Rick 874
Daly, Ritchie 873
T, Jeff 870
So, Albert 870
Jones, Carlie 869
Goin, Jake 868
X, Paul 866
Nasir, Uzair 865
L, Gerald 860
Green, James 859
La, Ed 857
Burrows, Cam 857
Deeg, Phil 855
Hopfner, Jordan 854
Belchamber, Mike 853
Perira, Carlos 852
Jones, Patrick 849
Kelly, Brad 849
Djakovic, Christoff 848
Dacruz, Paul 846
X, Darnel 841
Blair, Scott 840
Jordan, Darren 837
B, Taras 835
Karmis, Pete 835
Humberstone, Paul 835
Marner, Danny 832
x, Liane 832
X, Eric 830
Szajko, Rob 830
X, Elliot 830
x, Ryan 825
Taft, Spencer 824
Lehman, Blair 823
Volkman, Dallyn 822
Faulkner, Stephanii 822
x, Bob 820
Phenix, Garret 819
Xtra, X 819
Wood, Greg 818
Wong, Felix 818
X, Corey 815
Thompson, Ray 815
Campbell, Carmen 811
Gibson, katy 809
W, Garret 809
Procaccini, Tony 808
Hugenschmidt, Colin 807
Moses, Kevin 807
Crockett!!, Ben 807
Phillips, Mike 806
O''Stream, Don 806
Kwan, Maria 806
Mothersell, Scott 805
M, Judah 804
C, Erek 803
Hasiuk, Jody 803
K, Mike 803
Moir, Zak 803
X, Jarrell 802
Forsythe, Joel 802
Hodinski, Jasmine 801
Bennett, Doug 801
Baayens, Dean 801

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Dec 15 2011 7:02PM

We had a really good turnout, 24 players plus more people showing up later on to hang out that probably didn't even get to touch a table...

I played some pick up games with Dan earlier in the night, and his roller was smoking. Watch out.. that's all I'll say about that.

Chris played great, and deserved a little more from me. Not to take anything at all away from Jamie and Christian, who no one was even close to being able to beat... In fact I think no one has beaten them since Tom and Carey in a certain "Gateway DYP on Warrior" thread!

Christof and Dan had a great run through the A side to take Kingseat.

Ray and Carey fought back through the B side of Tier 1 to get to 3rd place. Nice work!

Tom! I pulled your name off the list until you show up again. That will buy you a few more months, but if you are in the top 10 you need to protect your points by showing up!

Congrats to both Jamie and Des on moving into the top 10 list.

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Dec 15 2011 7:04PM

That sums up our year for Foos! See you at the Christmas Party on Saturday, then next Tuesday we'll do some funzie games and maybe a handicapped tournament or something for fun. Good Foosing in 2011!

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