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Topic: HOFC Flights

Author: S. Edwards Original Message Posted: Dec 22 2011 1:04PM

Westjet has flights to Vegas on March 14th for 139.00 plus tax

Book em while they got em!

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Dec 22 2011 4:04PM

Return or 1 way? What is it with Taxes in? If I can book it for under $300 right now I'd probably change my mind and go to Vegas.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #2 Posted: Dec 22 2011 4:08PM

one way $228.00 tax in

Author: tony Reply #3 Posted: Dec 22 2011 4:14PM

blue tag sale went from 1-4 pm Dec 22. over as of this post. $450 return (direct flights) taxes in.

check again on boxing day, they may have an online sale again before year end i'm told.

Author: Linda Reply #4 Posted: Dec 22 2011 5:35PM

$386 All in with AirCanada right now flying direct to & from Calgary March 14-19. There's also a code to get 15% off the fare until the 23rd so it'd bring the flight down to about $355ish.

It may or may not get lower than that. Boxing day or early January usually has pretty low fares as well.

Author: Linda Reply #5 Posted: Dec 22 2011 5:36PM

What i meant's a direct flight to Vegas and return originating from Calgary

Author: S. Edwards Reply #6 Posted: Dec 22 2011 6:40PM

That's a hot price. I wish there was a deal like that from Edmonton

Author: Superfly Reply #7 Posted: Dec 22 2011 7:00PM

Departing: Wed, Mar 14 10:20 am FLT# 278
Returning: Mon, Mar 19 10:15 am FLT# 277
Trip Price = $189.98
Taxes & Fees = $41.40

Total Flight Cost $231.38 US

Parking $8 US per day = $48 US

About 1.5 Hr round trip drive from Vancouver

Author: Linda Reply #8 Posted: Dec 22 2011 11:20PM

D'oh! Just a headsup...Tony pointed out to me that AirCanada charges for checked baggage. So if you plan on checking luggage, it's $25 for the first bag. $50 cost for the round trip added to your overall air fare

Author: S. Edwards Reply #9 Posted: Dec 23 2011 8:39AM


Westjet $385 return, tax in, direct flights are still available from Calgary. March 14 - 19

Author: tony Reply #10 Posted: Dec 23 2011 11:07AM

Thanks Simon. I'm booked. I paid the extra because I liked the times and the nonstop. It seems silly after so many years of flying to Vegas to try to save a bit of $ and then have to stop here there and everywhere. Happy holidays.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #11 Posted: Dec 23 2011 11:27AM

these flights were direct as indicated

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