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Topic: Team Canada in France Progress

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Jan 5 2012 1:23AM

We are about to head over for day 1 of the World Championships, and we are feeling very prepared and ready to go!

Christian plays his singles round robin mostly on Fireball, with a tough match against a bonzini Masterfrom France.

Ben and I play some Slovakians and 2 turkish teams.

See the link for results

Author: .Garry Reply #1 Posted: Jan 5 2012 4:12AM

Christian is scoresheet 25-Mario 26

I hate this time difference-but have

Author: .Garry Reply #2 Posted: Jan 5 2012 4:16AM

Doubles hasn't started yet, but Will & Ben are scoresheet 17, Mario & Nhu 18

Author: .Garry Reply #3 Posted: Jan 5 2012 8:08AM

Mario made it to the elimination-top 28...has to play someone named Fredrico then if he wins he plays a Billy Pappas?

Good results to get in the elimination.

Ben & Will are 4-1 Nhu & Mario 3-1 so they are both starting strong and look good to qualify

Author: .Garry Reply #4 Posted: Jan 5 2012 8:33PM

Ben & Will qualified, Nhu & Mario just missed.

Ben & Will qualified higher than Mares & Barber-good going guys.

Team event starts at 1 am our time tonight, if my math is correct. Italy then Slovenia

Author: Will Reply #5 Posted: Jan 6 2012 6:43AM

Well the team event has gone really well so far. We had a big comeback win vs Italy in the first match. In each match we play 10 total games, whoever wins more is the winner. If it ends 5-5 its a tie. We were down 4-2 in total games, then Ben and I won on both tables... Then it all came down to Mario needing both tables for the win. He had a really hard time on fireball, but scraped it out... Then on the Roberto Sport he was incredible and dominated for the win.

Inthe next match we played Slovenia and won 9-1 with Mario losing the only point in a meaningless last game.

Tomorrow we play Finland, who lost 9-1 to Slovenia... And is also a Fireball team so we play all gameson Fireball... We should win our group easily now.

In a few minutes Ben and I start the elimination rounds for Doubles, against a couple of Dutch players. We are playing great.

Post updates later.

Author: Bank Machine Reply #6 Posted: Jan 6 2012 11:25AM

Gooooooooo! Team Canada! Way to go guys keep it up!

Author: foosghost Reply #7 Posted: Jan 6 2012 11:49AM

ya guys - great job. keep it up.. I got my Canada jersey on today, and have been following all your progress and watching matches on line - hopefully you'll get some matches on the live feed.

Make it to the finals and i'm sure you will.

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #8 Posted: Jan 6 2012 2:08PM


(Shanghai Open in May in case anyone travelling to Asia at that time)

Fred Gower

Author: Will Reply #9 Posted: Jan 7 2012 5:02AM

We crushed Finland this morning so we have qualified as the 1 seed, we play in a few hours in the elimination found now!

We are expecting to face Turkey in the final; they have a lot of great players that live in Germany (a bit of a foosball mecca these days... 3000 registered DYPs this year and that doesnt count the league play) so they have a lot of skill.

Ben and I lost 5-4 5-2 1-5 5-4 to the dutch team so we are done at 17th place. We hardly made a block in the entire match. We played great and scored really well, but the other guys 2 bar was banking so well, it was a great match.

Updates to come later.

Author: foosghost Reply #10 Posted: Jan 7 2012 1:46PM

looks like the mens team made it to the finals.
They have to play Slovenia on roberto sport - shouldn't be that bad. CRUSH THEM!!!!

Go Canada Go!! bring home the gold!

The schedule says they play on Sunday at 12:00am - which might be midnight saturday night, or just a typo and they play at noon on sunday.

I hope its the midnight one, then we'd likely get to watch it on kozoom - as it would be 3pm our time.

Author: Will Reply #11 Posted: Jan 7 2012 3:29PM

We play the final at 11 am tomorrow, 2:00 AM in BC, 3 in Alberta and 4 in Sask.

Today we played VS Finland again as the low seed and beat them, Christian finished the match with a far wall fake John Wayne to Slingshot. Then we played South Africa... By far the best team we have played yet. In the elimination round the format is different. We play 5 best of 3's. Whoever wins three of them is the Winner. VS Finland we won the first 3 matches and moved on. South Africa won the first singles against Mario on Garlando and Fireball. Nhu and Barry stepped up with a huge comeback win in game 3, the Christian took over control in the 3rd game of the Third match to put us up 2-1 in matches. Darcy and Ben lost 5-3 in Game 3 to an amazing 2 bar push kick.

In the last match I lost the coin flip and the guy chose ball, so I picked Garlando to play on first. I hacked him twice and squeaked out a 5-4 win on Garlando then won on Fireball to move us into the final.

If we win tomorrow we get a bad ass trophy and also win a Roberto Sport table for our federation! This would be huge, because it is a tough table to play on and it would make National team training much better!

Leonhart is a really incredible table, I think it is most of our favorite. Really the only one with the highest level of build quality. It's still tough to learn, but anything is possible. Germans know how to build stuff I suppose.

We have been talking about hitting Garlando worlds in Strausburg in late July too, 20 euros a night for hotels and a team event if we get enough players to go.

We'll update after the Final! Go Canada!!!

Author: Kayko Reply #12 Posted: Jan 8 2012 1:13AM

Great job guys!

How do the new Fireballs (introduced at the Worlds, which isn't the smartest idea IMHO) play? Pretty much the same as the previous ITSF / USA Pro tables?

Author: Will Reply #13 Posted: Jan 8 2012 8:21AM

WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author: Will Reply #14 Posted: Jan 8 2012 8:39AM

The Final was easily the most nerve racking experience that I have ever experienced. Slovenia came out with a different order for the roster than the first time we played them. There first singles player was one of the stronger players in the tournament, and he beat Christian in 3 in the first match. Nhu and Barry won 5-3 in game 3, then Darcy nearly put us up ahead but lost 5-3 in the 3rd game too. Ben and I won on Roberto Sport but couldn't put it away on Fireball, so it took us until the third game also; we won 5-2 including Ben scoring a pull kick to close it out... Which set the stage for Mario.

Mario got up 4-3 in the first game on the RS, but his opponent (who was really a great player on all tables) got the next 2 goals and sent it back to Fireball. Mario won quickly on Fireball, scoring a ton of pull side snakes. In the third game - and 15th of the 5 set event - Mario went down early but fought back to tie it 4-4. It went back and forth... Both players had about 4 or 5 shots to win. The match was 3 hours and 15 minutes in when Mario was losing 9-8, going to Roberto Sport with serve. Incredibly he got both goals on the table, and when they switched back to Fireball he had the lead. He made a few blocks and finally retained the ball, and drilled a pull shot from the back to win 11-9!


Author: C.A.L. Reply #15 Posted: Jan 8 2012 9:35AM

Great Playing everyone!

Stay in the game on and win! Good effort.

Bringing stuff back !

Author: S. Edwards Reply #16 Posted: Jan 8 2012 9:49AM

There are no more matches after the final. It's over.

Author: C.A.L. Reply #17 Posted: Jan 8 2012 10:02AM

The ITSF chart put Slovenia name as winner, presently a typo. Team Canada members should check that to be corrected.

Author: Will Reply #18 Posted: Jan 8 2012 12:33PM

I dont care too much what the online chart shows... We have the Trophy.

Author: Linda Reply #19 Posted: Jan 8 2012 1:43PM

Go Canada Go! Way to go boys....congrats on moving Canada up to Div. 1 next year as well =)

Author: C.A.L. Reply #20 Posted: Jan 8 2012 2:03PM

Excellent !! Well done Team Canada!

Does this mean Team Canada gets in to Division 1 next year?

Author: foosghost Reply #21 Posted: Jan 8 2012 2:40PM

FA-REEKING awesome guys. I had a feeling that match was going to be close - i was watching the live feeds till 5am last night, trying to get some idea of what was going on in your match, i could hear screaming in the background and knew it had to be close. Was it recorded at all??!?!? so sucks that it was not captured on live feed - instead i had to watch the US lose to Germany

11-9 wow - that must of been so pressure cooked - and likely the best time you've all every had playing foosball. Great - no - AMAZING job!!!

You've made us all very proud!

funny story - so i log in to the itsf site this morning, and like you've said, they reported to result of the match as Solvenia winning - so i thought, bummer -let see what happened and look at the scoresheets. and i'm going through what occured during the match, and then it hits me - mario WON 11-9 - and then i look at the winner box - and it says Canada - and i'm like WTF - and then "YES".

then i go on this site, and see that yes, you've done it.

As far as i understand both Canada and Slovenia move up to D1 now - is that correct Will?

Get ready for a media blitz to come your way - the media LOVE a winner - soak it up boys - you deserve it. I have a feeling that this result is going to do more for foosball in Canada than anything has in the past.

Author: subcult36 Reply #22 Posted: Jan 8 2012 4:33PM

Canada Wins!! Canada Wins!!

Congrats guys, mission accomplished!! You went, you saw, and you know the rest!

Next year 'A' division here we come!!

Author: perennial underdog Reply #23 Posted: Jan 9 2012 5:05PM

Edmonton Foosballers/World Champions:your greatness knows no boundaries!!!!

Author: .Garry Reply #24 Posted: Jan 10 2012 12:39AM

I guess that means that Edmonton has adopted Barry, Mario & Nhu.

Congrats guys on a job well done!

Author: Bank Machine Reply #25 Posted: Jan 10 2012 7:11AM




Author: domi nate Reply #26 Posted: Jan 10 2012 10:34AM

Best in the world?

Contrats btw.

Author: Pixel Reply #27 Posted: Jan 11 2012 6:32PM

Your interview -- click on Part 2, about 9 minutes in:

Author: .Garry Reply #28 Posted: Jan 11 2012 7:33PM

Very well done interview.

Author: Darcy Reply #29 Posted: Jan 12 2012 1:22AM

Ben got cut out :(

Kind of a quick little interview but it did turn out pretty well. Thanks for posting it Mario!

Author: .Garry Reply #30 Posted: Jan 12 2012 5:40AM

Ya I was wondering about that-and he wasn't even mentioned.

Wasn't it in his basement????

Author: wilkins Reply #31 Posted: Jan 12 2012 12:44PM

Hehe I just listened to the interview. It was actually really good. A little disappointed I don't even get to be part of the team but all in all it was good! Either way we got the CUP!

....last time we use my basement for an interview...

Author: Pixel Reply #32 Posted: Jan 12 2012 12:48PM

I've also posted my recap on .

Author: Barry Reply #33 Posted: Jan 18 2012 10:36AM

Author: foosghost Reply #34 Posted: Jan 18 2012 1:05PM

nice player banner barry - i hope you don't mind i stole that and updated the tsac site with it.
plus i featured all the photo's you added, so they show up on the main page.


Author: Pixel Reply #35 Posted: Jan 19 2012 10:01AM

Well done, Barry :)

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