Topic: World Cup Videos

Author: .Garry Original Message Posted: Jan 10 2012 7:46AM

Hero some is a link to some videos taken at Nantes. Unfortunately none have Team Canada on it-looks like they're all Tier 1 matches.

Author: .Garry Reply #1 Posted: Jan 10 2012 8:13AM

Check out the Spree vs Nunes match-Hit & Hope to the

Author: Pushshot Reply #2 Posted: Jan 11 2012 11:50PM

Can anyone explain, the call Nunes made on Spree at the 10:30 mark third game. It looks like tony took his first time out of the game, but fofits the ball, on the call?

Author: .Garry Reply #3 Posted: Jan 12 2012 4:37AM

What happened is...

Tony calls his first time out of the game, and Nunes calls him for taking his 3rd timeout. There is an obvious language barrier and Tony is looking around for help to no avail. Tony protests and Nunes gets heated up. Tony being the nice guy he is gives up the ball??? I wonder why there is no ref as I believe it is a pit table. There is some confusion because of the timeout markers on the table. At 4-4 in the game it was dumb/nice play on Tony's behalf.

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