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Topic: Canada Victory Party - Saturday Night

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Jan 12 2012 12:00PM

We're having a Team Canada Victory Party at Time Out on Saturday Night! 8:00 PM!

Come out and have some fun celebrating with the team, catch up on some stories and we'll do high fives all around! Don't forget that we will also play a bunch of Foos and drink some celebratory drinks (the best reason to have drinks as far as I'm concerned!)

Author: Bank Machine Reply #1 Posted: Jan 12 2012 12:31PM

Congrats again guys, high fives and drinks definatly in order. Unless Iam hit by a buss or struck by a meteor, I will be there. Hope to see the trophy on display with names engraved on it.

We are the champions my friends...

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Jan 14 2012 1:56PM

I'm really excited! Looks like we will have a good crowd out for this party

Author: S. Edwards Reply #3 Posted: Jan 14 2012 2:22PM

I'm maybe 60% sure I'm gonna go

Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Jan 14 2012 2:27PM

I'm might be 100% sure that I'll maybe go

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