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Topic: Will Stranks getting Interviewed on Team 1260

Author: wilkins Original Message Posted: Jan 12 2012 3:26PM

here is the link to listen to Team 1260
Will is getting interviewed at 2:45 in twenty minutes.

Author: foosghost Reply #1 Posted: Jan 12 2012 4:02PM

that was sweet. Nice job Will!!

Author: Barry Reply #2 Posted: Jan 12 2012 4:03PM

Just finished listening to the interview live.... Nice work Will! I get interviewed by a local radio station tomorrow morning at 7:30ish AM.... I'll keep you posted.

Author: wilkins Reply #3 Posted: Jan 12 2012 4:05PM

Awesome interview! Your getting pretty good at this thing eh?

Author: foosghost Reply #4 Posted: Jan 12 2012 4:10PM

If given the chance, don't forget to plug

This is your site - and it looks great - some of the national team members are posting blog entries, etc, and possibly some sponsorship can come out of this for future team events.

Lets take advantage of the exposure as much as we can.

Author: Linda Reply #5 Posted: Jan 12 2012 4:23PM

D'oh! I was stuck in a meeting at work and didn't get to listen.

Any idea on if they'll provide you with a copy of the interview clip or anything?

Author: wilkins Reply #6 Posted: Jan 12 2012 5:12PM

Hey Linda, its at the 15 min mark of the first podcast.

Author: wilkins Reply #7 Posted: Jan 12 2012 5:14PM

sorry closer to the 8 minute mark. not sure how I screwed that up...

Author: Pixel Reply #8 Posted: Jan 12 2012 5:50PM

And by "8 minute mark", he means 52 minute mark. Ben works on backwards time. :P

Author: Will Reply #9 Posted: Jan 12 2012 6:21PM

Don't blame him Mario, his eyes were probably closed.

Author: Linda Reply #10 Posted: Jan 12 2012 7:44PM's "e". Haha...way to tell em Will =)

Author: melanoir Reply #11 Posted: Jan 13 2012 12:07PM

which one is it? the first podcast is talking about hockey?

Author: Graeme Reply #12 Posted: Jan 13 2012 2:24PM

You want the one labeled:

January 12, 2012

Hour 1 - Jeff Beukeboom - Hockey Coaching 101

Posted 1/12/2012 2:00:00 PM

It starts at (approx) 52 min mark.. gotta let it load before you can fast fwd to that point.

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