Topic: Toby's 3 event tournament in Everett - Jan 21

Author: Sniff Original Message Posted: Jan 12 2012 4:06PM

Bill - Dec 9 2011 6:42PM
Hear yea hear yea there be a tourney at Toby’s just after the New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Dollar adds, from an anonymous sponsor. I have $100.00 to add to the 1st and 2nd draw, I have $300.00 to add to the BYP.......... Happy Christmas and Happy New year see ya all here...........................????

This Tourney will be played on Tornado’s. Sorry that is what comes with the bar. Please Brad take no offense the Fireball table plays well. I hope that a lot of you kind folks will make the trek!!!
To come play for a day!!!!
Have fun visit with friends and enjoy the competitive game of Foosball.

January, 21st, 2012 at Toby Magee’s (12811 8th ave N, Everett WA 98204 Phone 425-355-6561).

The 1st DYP will start at 12:00pm then a BYP/13 Limited which is to start at 2:00pm. After that there will be another DYP which will start at 6:00pm. To play in the last draw you must be out of all other events. Depending on turn out and where the tournament is at.

Pat has agreed to bring his computer to run the tourney… Thank you in advance Pat you rock.....

Turk has talked about bringing Trophies for the following:

1st place in the DYP
1st, 2nd and 3rd for the BYP 13 limited
1st place for the 2nd DYP
Thank you Turk

I can put in up to four tables depending on number of players.

The bar is going to run the following specials and dollar ads for the Tournament. So the only item left is your attendance. Hope to see you all there for this great opportunity to play Foosball and visit friends.

The specials are as follows:
Drinks $5.00 each so take your pick from the following:
Jack Daniels
Captain Morgan
Makers Mark New add for Pat and AKD…..
Jaeger bombs or shots $5.00 ea.
All Domestic beers $2.75 per pint.

Bar ads are as follows:

Dollar ads are only to be applied to the 2nd DYP part of the tourney.
1 to 15 teams the bar will add $5.00 per team to the Money
16 and up the bar will add $6.00 per team.

All tournament events will be paid out separately.
Entry fees are as follows:
1st DYP $10.00 per player
BYP/13 Limited $20.00 per player
2nd DYP $10.00 per player

100% pay out from bar ads and entry fees.
Places paid out to be determined by number of teams.

SO WHAT DO YOU THINK???? CAN I GET An ESTIMATE ON NUMBER OF PEOPLE THAT WILL TRY AND SHOW? I only ask this so that the bar can staff accordingly.

Thank you all for your continued support.


Author: Superfly Reply #1 Posted: Jan 12 2012 6:01PM

What does ൕ limited" mean, is this event limited to 13 teams?

Author: Sniff Reply #2 Posted: Jan 13 2012 10:25AM

13 team points. For example, I am an 8, and I couldn't play with Rick Martin, who is a 10.

Author: Superfly Reply #3 Posted: Jan 13 2012 10:49AM

Hmmm, seems I'm ranked a 7. Guess I won't be makin' that shin dig.

Author: Robert G Reply #4 Posted: Jan 13 2012 5:27PM

well you r a 7 I think itll be fun.....

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