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Topic: Portland Tournament Feb 10-12

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Jan 13 2012 1:06PM

Ok, I'm 85% sure I'll be going to this one. I'm going to fly down unless a couple other people from Edmonton want to go and drive me!

Anyone else going?

Author: S. Edwards Reply #1 Posted: Jan 13 2012 1:31PM

last year you were 100% and didn't go, so 85% must mean your not going for sure!

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Jan 13 2012 1:36PM

I was 100% last year? I should have gone with the 99% thing, just to be safe.

85% probably means more like 50/50, but I want to generate some hype!

Author: Cam. Reply #3 Posted: Jan 13 2012 1:37PM

Im going too, depending on my clutch i dont know if i can drive. I am in need of an AM partner tho. anyone wanna come with? message me if interested.

Author: RezaREX Reply #4 Posted: Jan 13 2012 3:14PM

Found out I have to work that weekend, count me out.

Author: Cam. Reply #5 Posted: Jan 13 2012 4:07PM


Author: Will Reply #6 Posted: Jan 14 2012 12:06PM

Eric, Jeff, Moya, Tuan, Dave? Its moneyball! Anyone from Vancouver going?

Author: Cam. Reply #7 Posted: Jan 18 2012 7:52AM

Anyone else intersted in going? I cant afford a flight and would like to drive down.

Author: Will Reply #8 Posted: Jan 18 2012 10:03AM

Looks like me and Des are in for sure.. Cam maybe?

Author: foosghost Reply #9 Posted: Jan 18 2012 11:06AM

Darren, Steve, and I (from Victoria) are all considering going - if they can talk me into it. B-)

Author: Cam. Reply #10 Posted: Jan 18 2012 11:49AM

since will is flying there is room for 3 more, anyone wanting to drive down with me?

Author: Will Reply #11 Posted: Jan 18 2012 11:55AM

Sounds like fun Eric! See you at the tournament

Author: Will Reply #12 Posted: Jan 31 2012 11:46AM

Cam is still looking for someone to drive with him. Someone jump on this bandwagon! Its gonna be a really fun tournament. If you have never been to an event in the US this one should be worth your while.

Author: Cam. Reply #13 Posted: Jan 31 2012 11:48AM


Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #14 Posted: Feb 3 2012 4:09PM

I'm going to go with Simon's definition of 85% and say that there is an 84% chance I will go.

Author: Cam. Reply #15 Posted: Feb 7 2012 10:18AM

anyone wanna come? we can take my car!

Author: Cam. Reply #16 Posted: Feb 9 2012 10:33AM

Gas would be about 100$ each, its not too bad. i would like to leave tonight! anyone?

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