Topic: Is Sunday Night SOHO Cafe Still On??

Author: Corbin Original Message Posted: Jan 14 2012 1:15PM

I couldn't tell if the site was updated or not but is the doubles tourneys still going on? I would love to come try it out with a friend!

Author: Superfly Reply #1 Posted: Jan 14 2012 2:01PM

No, I don't think anyone plays Sundays any more.

Author: Corbin Reply #2 Posted: Jan 14 2012 6:05PM

When do doubles play?

Author: Sniff Reply #3 Posted: Jan 14 2012 7:09PM

Tournaments are kind of on hiatus right now, but, a lot of peeps still show up on Friday just to play singles/doubles. The odd time wednesday will have players but Fri is the main draw.

Author: Corbin Reply #4 Posted: Jan 14 2012 7:27PM

How many people usually show up? If I came around 8pm with my friend would many ppl be there to play doubles with?

Author: Sniff Reply #5 Posted: Jan 16 2012 10:25AM

People start showing up 8 and then others appear over the full course of the night. If nobody is there at 8, then they will likely be there soon. Usually a bunch by 9 anyway.

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