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Topic: Goal or no Goal ...

Author: Superfly Original Message Posted: Jan 19 2012 8:34PM

I don't think this went in ... shot is at the 1:28 min mark.

To me it was post ... far winger ... crossbar ... out.

Author: Pushshot Reply #1 Posted: Jan 20 2012 1:36AM

No Goal

Author: Superfly Reply #2 Posted: Jan 20 2012 1:14PM

Looks like I was right ... someone zoomed in rotated and slowed the video down.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #3 Posted: Jan 20 2012 5:02PM

The replay is reminiscent of the infamous zapruder(sp?)film of JFk's

assasination,or at the very least it is sufficiently inadequate to tell one

way or another.However, if there is any doubt then there is no doubt.

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